Creative Corner: Small Spaces by Emily Mae

Emily's inspirational poem kicks back at societal beauty standards and reminds us all to be body positive!

When I read that the national average is a size 16

Like we’re all statistics in a clothing regime

That I’m three sizes short of, but still considered by some as ‘fat’

For my wide hips and lack of a thigh gap

I question why I care, but can’t find an answer

Like my mind is infected with an ideological cancer

That feeds on my body-loving and self-esteem

and turns how good I feel in skinny jeans

Into a desire to no longer be average, but to be something more

To be curvaceous with DDs or a petite size four

But my body does not fall willingly onto this spectrum we call ‘body types’

Like it does not fall willingly into anyone’s needs but mine

And it joins me on this journey to become so fully

The woman I am growing to love, and her not-quite-flat tummy,

So no, I don’t look like the woman modelling on Instagram

Or the women we aim to resemble when we start a gym plan.

Average sizes are a myth, there is nothing average or ordinary

About a woman who can accept she is enough in the 21st century.


We have been told too many times that we as women

should be living for the reward of seeing our bodies thinning

Into something smaller, lesser than man. I am thinking

That ideally we should keep on shrinking

Until we are pocket-sized barbie doll figures

With impossible waist proportions, consumed by ED triggers

But I am not a woman designed to fit into a small space

I was nurtured with the capacity to love and embrace

All women and their shapes, our diversity celebrations

And our personal growth no longer fit your body expectations.


Emily Mae

Featured image courtesy of Emily Mae. 

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