Creative Corner: ‘Tomfoolery’ Showcase

A collection of poetry on the theme of 'Tomfoolery'.

As Easter (and assessments…) draw near, it felt appropriate to indulge in a little bit of silly behaviour, a pinch of tomfoolery, to wave away the deadline blues. So this month, we made tomfoolery our theme, and our fabulous poets once again delivered.


As Spring Falls

Funny, you- you
don’t seem the
Kind to be tricked by a
Of the April sun: gold sun that gleams
To trick again- make us believe of a warm spring day to
Arrive; do what it may-
For practical jokes, are the games
She plays (for will she come?)

So.. I guess it’s
that: the trick or treat- the yell we made
All down the street
Months before October’s
Enter the trickster
Come, make us squeam
take circular gold, (fools gold, I mean)
A prank well played- the sun she’d beam
Smiling at her tease
“Bring in the rain”, the sky, she called
“Let them have no sun at all”

For there we were, frozen, cool
Left us, small victims to her April

Olivia Morel


The Court Jester

A full house
The joker stands
Front and centre
Ready to face his tormentor
He forces his face into a sinister grin
But in his head the act wears thin.
He juggles the batons
The ones they threw too low
The others too high
Forgetting all the while
That he’s not Hermes- he can’t fly.
And when the mask comes off
He rips off that crest
The final blow, the biggest test
He gives a bow
And waves to the crowd
Because if he’s a fool, he’s a fool alone
And he’ll jump and cartwheel all the way home.

Esther Kearney



Don’t tease me,
Not anymore.
These pangs in my gut are too familiar
And feel too correct.
These flirting smiles too natural,
The proximity too comfortable,
Don’t tell me it should work,
Not when it didn’t,
And never say ‘right now’.
Don’t tell me you’re still tempted,
And offer yourself to me in jokes
You know I want to accept
This has always felt like home.
Don’t tease me, not
When the punchline is my heart
And you’ve not pined for months
Like I have.
Teasing only works when we both laugh.

Holly Wilson


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