Super Sunday: The Bragging Rights Remain on Home Turf

The ‘Super’ fixtures are always one of the best showcases of our talent in the Varsity series, and last Sunday was no different.

Since the implementation of the ‘Super’ events into the series, we haven’t lost one of them, and last Sunday extended our record as we smashed Trent 9-2 on home turf.

The day started on a high note as the Canoe Polo had taken place earlier in the week. We won 4-2 so entered Super Sunday with a point already in the bag.

The first point we claimed on the day was in Table Tennis. After our BUCS Big Wednesday performance we had no doubts in our ability and the team did not disappoint. An 8-1 victory made the Green and Gold proud and took the standing to 2-0.

However, Trent were still very much in it and impressed all with their Women’s Handball performance. They stunned our side with a 21-11 win, taking the day’s score to 2-1, and making the contest very much on.

Over to squash, another sport who had an amazing day last week at BUCS Big Wednesday, and our men’s and women’s sides revelled in their Trophy and Championship victories as they cruised their way to a 4-1 win overall.

Swimming was always in the bag, right? We’ve never lost at Varsity. Well, Trent came rushing out the traps, and after making the score equal at 2-2, they pegged ahead to make it 5-3. UoN clawed it back to 5-5, and kept pushing, but just over the halfway point the score was 8-6 and it was still very close. It then went to 9-7 and was still tense, but our team finally managed to pull away and we won it 15-7. Phew.

“The Green and Gold were ready for some vengeance”

The Men’s Handball was next, and after the women’s bitter loss, and playing Trent earlier this year and losing by a mere one goal, the Green and Gold were ready for some vengeance. After an extremely tight match they managed it, winning 41-37 and taking the day’s overall score to 5-1.

Over to the Dojo for the Karate, and last year it couldn’t have been tighter, with us clinging on to the point as it finished 100-100, but we’d won more gold medals. This year was set up to be the same, and despite fighting well, the Green and Gold lost out on the point, losing 61-109.

“That point guaranteed us another ‘super’ fixture win”

The badminton matches were spread throughout the afternoon, and despite the men’s doubles losing in their game, we were victorious in all others. It finished 8-1 overall and that point guaranteed us another ‘super’ fixture win. The score was 6-2 with three more fixtures still to finish.

After an amazing BUCS with the men’s 1sts winning the league, our Fencing side were confident for another Varsity victory. In spite of Trent trying to push for the point towards the end of the fixture, we held our own and won 131-99.

“The Green and Gold were very confident”

The two Water Polo matches were the last of the day. Along with swimming, this is a fixture we have never lost in the Varsity series. Both our men’s and women’s sides had also won every game they’ve played this season, so the Green and Gold were very confident, and had every right to be. The Women’s side thrashed Trent 26-0 and, despite one consolation for the opposition, our Men’s side held their own and won their match 25-3. This took the overall score to 9-2, and just like that we had another ‘Super’ fixture and another Varsity point in the bag.

David Ross was stunned once again with the unbelievable talent on show and revelled in the bragging rights remaining on home turf. This took the overall Varsity score to 3-2, with the Rugby Union happening on the same day, it was a vital point.

Varsity is looking so close this year and, of course, every point matters, no matter how you win it. But winning Super Sunday 9-2 gives our Green and Gold that extra boost to push for another series victory. Get to as many fixtures as you can to support UoN and help us get the series in the bag.

Zoe Burgess

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Featured image courtesy of The University of Nottingham, via Flickr, with DGTL Concepts. 


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