The Spring/Summer Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Kateryna updates us on the trends to know about as we move into spring/summer.

1) Knee-length leather and trench coats

The elongated silhouettes are going to be all the rage this spring. There is something timeless about a classic knee-length light coat, and it is particularly useful as a protection from the rainy spring weather. It is all about minimalism this year.

2) Square toed shoes

Arguably, one of the 1990s’ best trends is making a huge comeback this spring and summer. From casual to fancy and formal, any trendy shoe will have square toes. Footwear is going to get in line with the minimalism trend, too, so stilettos will remain unnoticed this year, replaced by block heel and kitten heel.

3) Check print

Check print is possibly the one that will always have a place among the most popular ones, but this year the world of fashion putting a spin on it by not only carefully matching check prints, but also clashing them.

4) Pockets

With fashion this year being very minimalism and comfort-oriented, it makes sense that pockets are finally in. It is time for us ladies to find out what real convenience feels like, since everything from skirts to bags will come with plus sized pockets.

5) Orb-shaped bags

This is a trend that is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but a particular favourite of mine. An orb shaped bag is somewhat of a wild-card, but can make any outfit look unique. It stands out from the minimalism trend by creating something of a futuristic appearance.

Kateryna Vynohradska 

Featured Image courtesy of @kittylouu via Instagram.

Main Images courtesy of @paolaalberdi, @fetadelamode, @fomenkojuli, @levis, and @strawbags_collection via Instagram.

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