The Weirdest Easter Eggs to Try in 2019

Esme talks us through the weirdest Easter Eggs on the market this year.

After Cadbury released their mayonnaise-filled Crème Eggs for April Fool’s Day, it garnered the question—what other weird Easter eggs are out there for us to try? Read on to find our top suggestions.

  • The Chocolate Scotch Egg

Unsurprisingly, this interesting take on the British favourite is from Waitrose. Even more unsurprisingly, it is from the Heston Blumenthal range. For just £6, you get to eat a chocolate and caramel outer layer with the ‘egg’ in the centre being made from mango and yuzu fondant. (I too was surprised and disappointed it wasn’t a scotch egg inside a chocolate egg.) A great way to make a loved one recoil in disgust, this is definitely a new take on the form.

  • G&T Egg

From the depths of, you can find a Limited Edition Gin and Tonic East Egg for just £20. Made by the London Chocolate Company, this egg is handcrafted Belgian chocolate with G&T truffles hidden inside. Each egg is then decorated with ‘chocolate spinning and edible embellishments’. With only 100 eggs made, it truly is a unique item.

  • Prosecco Egg

Marks & Spencer have once again come through with a weird design which will probably be a hit with people of all ages. The £5 ‘Proseggo’ is infused with prosecco and flavoured with blackcurrant and raspberry, and dusted with glittering pink cocoa and a swirled design. It took Katy Patino, whose job title is ‘M&S Easter egg developer’, over a year to create it, so you know it is worth it.

  • Ostrich Chocolate Egg

My god, I said, staring at my laptop screen. I didn’t know ostriches produced milk! I then googled it, and found that they do not. So no, this £12 duo of mini eggs isn’t chocolate made from ostrich milk, but they do have the design of an ostrich feather etched onto them, marbled blue and then dusted with edible gold. While not as weird as their name sounds, they’re still pretty unique!

  • Cheese Egg

Sainsbury’s is selling the ‘Cheesealicious Cheesy Easter Egg’ this year. Made from spreadable cheese, this cheddar egg will definitely cause a reaction when it is presented on Easter Sunday. Stores are actually selling plenty of cheese-themed eggs this year, including a Blue Cheese egg available from Ocado and Amazon for just £5.

  • DIY Egg

Produced by Cocoapod Chocolates, this £22 decorating kit is made in Britain and designed to bring a little individuality and crafting fun to your Easter experience. Put effort into designing your own egg with chocolate and an assortment of sweets, and feel proud of your own creativity before you eat it in less than a minute.

  • Plastic-free Egg

The Divine Chocolate Easter Egg is plastic free, Fairtrade, and just £5! Infused with tart citrus oil, this egg not only tastes and looks good, but is an ethical and sustainable choice against the other options which are usually covered in plastic. The cocoa producers in Ghana who work with Divine Chocolate get a fair wage and the funds to invest in their local communities, so there really isn’t an excuse.

Call me boring, but give me a plain egg or give me death. I do not want to a) assemble my egg, b) fight the glitter coating my egg, or c) have to Google ‘ostrich milk’ again. But maybe you are more excited by the prospect of any of these—in which case, I think you’ll have an egg-cellent time with our suggestions.

Esme Johnson

Featured image courtesy of Pommiebastards via Flickr, no changes made to image. Image license can be found here.

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