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Behind the Scenes: Young Professionals Photoshoot

Have a peek into the behind the scenes of our most recent print photoshoot!

Our new issue of Impact is centred on success and power, so what better way to round out a successful year for the magazine and Nottingham students than with a professional-themed photoshoot? Read on to find out what happened behind the scenes.

Ibrahim Khan photographs Anna Scott and Ella Morton.


The theme for this issue spans a whole host of topics. Success is a unique concept, measured in different ways by different people, and power is a complex issue, especially in our current social climate. But Impact Lifestyle wanted to explore it through fashion and photography, to involve UoN students and the beautiful campus, and explore what it means to be a young professional.

The photoshoot was developed by Impact’s Style Editor Esme Johnson long before the issue theme was announced, part of a long list of photoshoot theme ideas, and it was great to put the idea into action. After creating a mood board filled with inspiring images from Instagram and from iconic films like The Devil Wears Prada, it was clear what the vision was intended to be. We wanted killer outfits, steely-eyed models, and an atmosphere of success.

Photo by Miriam Thompson

To prepare for the shoot, we needed photographers, models, outfits, and a location, and it all came together just in time. Although it was the end of term, everyone showed up ready to make a statement. We shot around the gorgeous Trent Building, utilising the lush white stone and dramatic architecture to evoke a kick-ass atmosphere. The models showed up with powerful, unique takes on ‘professional’, and despite the chill in the air, the team didn’t let it stop them.

Our brilliant Online Editor Sophie Hunt helped out with some social media—did you catch the behind the scenes photos on our Instagram page?—and Head of Lifestyle Charlotte Hegley was a much-needed hype team, and the photoshoot went amazingly! The models where channelling their inner professional, smizing and power-posing like they’d been born to do so.

Ibrahim Khan, one of our photographers along with Miriam Thompson, said that to him, success was about being consistent. “Consistency is the key to being successful in whatever you want to do,” he explained. “Success is about being there, knowing your stuff and making something happen, every single time you try to be successful at something.”

For Ibrahim, being a young professional “means having high standards for yourself and high goals, but also keeping yourself open to many other opportunities and experiences, which will enhance your professionalism. Being a young professional is all about having the will to learn knew things all the time.”

Look out for the photoshoot in our new issue of Impact–out now!

Esme Johnson

Featured Image courtesy of Miriam Thompson.

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