Antarctic Endeavour: Tom Warburton and his South Pole Solo Attempt

Impact Lifestyle chatted to Tom Warburton about his record-breaking challenge to raise money for armed forces charities, Help for Heroes and Hire a Hero. Alongside his fundraising, Tom has been visiting schools and youth groups to raise awareness about the environment, and has recently been working with Glacier Rescue Project to promote the dangers facing glaciers globally. 

Can you tell Impact a little bit about yourself and your expedition?
My names Tom Warburton, I’m 20 years old and in November 2020, I am attempting to become the youngest person to walk to the South Pole Solo. I’m currently in my final year at the University of Nottingham studying Politics and International Relations.

Why the Antarctic?
I’ve always been fascinated by Antarctica and the polar explorers from Scott to Larsen. Antarctica is the last true frontier, to be able to challenge myself in this arduous territory and raise awareness of the environment and the ways we can help protect it for future generations is a huge privilege.

Why these charities?
I’m currently an Army reservist, and Antarctica has a long history with the military, with many polar explorers and the first expeditions being part of the military or funded by the military. As such it felt fitting to give back to the legacy of Antarctica and its early pioneers

What has driven you to attempt this feat?
Scott Sears the previous record holder was a massive inspiration, he’s been a huge support for the expedition. Also, the opportunity to give something back, as part of the expedition I’ve been visiting schools to promote awareness about the environment and Antarctica.

What training are you doing in preparation?
So there’s a lot of training, I do a lot of gym work, to try and deal with the strain I will experience with my pulk (sled), so that’s designed to build up my back muscles. Eating is a bit part of preparing as well. I need to put on about 3 stone, some of which needs to be fat for insulation, so lots of chocolate which is always a bonus. I’m also conducting several training trips in Norway and Greenland, this is to get me used to the weather and conditions that I will face.

What are you most and least looking forward to?
I’m probably most looking forward to getting a bit of peace and quiet from my mum, she’s a bit of a worrier so I’ve had it in the neck from her about the expedition. I’m a bit of a saddo, but I’ve really enjoyed it when I’ve got my admin and routine sorted, so when I’m finished for the day I actually look forward to making my camp at night and getting stuff sorted.
I’m least looking forward to the toilet, its pretty brutal and involves a plastic bag and a careful aim.

When is your trek and how can people keep updated with your progress?
My trek is November 2020. My Instagram and Twitter are both @tom_warbs and my website is 

To donate, Tom’s JustGiving Page can be found here.

Amy Wilcockson

Article images courtesy of Tom Warburton via Instagram.

Featured image courtesy of Eli Duke via Flickr


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