Creative Corner: ‘Transitions’ showcase

A collection of poems on the theme of ‘transitions’.

June marks the end of another academic year and the beginning of summer- weather permitting- as we reach the midpoint of 2019. With so many possibilities for change, this month’s poetry showcase focuses on ‘transitions.’



The rafters of boats soak up the shore, as

they dock at the barriers, all wooden


The man’s cloak, his only disguise

Sees her moving and watches nearby

For the woman (the one carving her name

in the sand) embedded in her child’s

Cries; their longing to be


Of focus… left, right and centre

No time to focus on a mind like yours; who

walks on the sand just one step more

To steal her prize…


Waiting for the sound of the siren to break

her thoughts… (any sound will do), to

cover the sound of those wailing cries, the call of what

she loves dearly, she must let go;

surrender to the


Order who decides- to take it away

A gem, the cloth and blankets hold


A daughter, still, from the

fragile figure: the mind of a man that

cannot consider his product- the outcome of his

cause… for he is not the one who is

burdened by the miracle that she

did bore, all once was done…


…Unmask the disguise- and then there was one.

Years now past, time’s gone by, now she is

ready to repair her mind.

A one like yours – the visage made

clearly by the eyes of her, so modified, her gaze

like that from birth, and gleam so merely. Just

a few feet taller- an unbroken curse.

Slowly, she stands

Once united, not

uninvited, her rerun done

An arrival long waited, no longer she cries

she has finally come…

Her heart, turned full:

Her prize, hard won.

Olivia Morel


First flutters forgotten

What did it feel like, to want?

You know only an approximation

of how you ought to feel

because you clasped desires too tight

no longer sparkling in sunlight

but dulled in the palm of your hand

until all you hold is heaviness.

Lauren Winson.

Next month’s poems will revolve around the theme of ‘Pride’. To get your work featured, send your submissions to by 30th June.

Featured image courtesy of Georgia Butcher.
Article image 1 courtesy of Tim Green via Flickr. Article image 2 courtesy of Conal Gallagher via Flickr. Image use licence here.

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