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Mugging on Campus

Police are currently investigating after an apparent mugging incident occurred on the University of Nottingham’s campus. The police were seen near Florence Boot Hall.

A spokeswoman for the University of Nottingham has said:

“We are shocked at a deplorable instance of mugging on the University Park Campus in the early hours of this morning. Campus security teams are supporting police with their enquiries and have put on additional patrols to assure safety. We are offering welfare support to the student’s concerned. Students have been reminded to take sensible precautions and follow our standard safety advice.”

The incident has been confirmed by the Nottingham Police to have happened at University Park around 1:30am on Monday, June 17.

Both students received injuries from a bladed weapon, however such injuries were not life-threatening. The victims did however have their bags and personal possessions, including mobile phones, stolen.

A first year Politics and History student living on campus spoke about the incident saying:

“It’s scary to hear of these incidences, it makes us feel very unsafe in a place where we go to socialise, learn and also feel safe. But I guess it does remind us to be more sensible in the dark on campus.”

This incident acts as a reminder to students to be weary whilst on and around campus, especially during hours after dark. It is recommended for students to avoid travelling alone in the dark and to ensure a friend is aware of their whereabouts. Impact would like to remind everyone to stay as safe as possible at uni.

For more information about how to stay safe on campus, please follow the safety advice from the University of Nottingham’s Safety in the City section on the University’s official website. 

Mia Haffety

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