Feeling Sweaty? How To Keep Up With Skin And Hair Care In The Summer

Summer is here and that can be a great thing for some, and a horrid time for others. The blue skies, long evenings, and glorious temperatures allow you to work on your tan, dust off those sandals, and stow away the layers of clothing you’ve been burrowed in during the winter and spring, but heat can also wreck havoc on your skin, hair, and beauty regime.

But all hope is not lost. You can still embrace an amazing summer look even if you’re sweating, even if you’ve just escaped a hellish exam on KMC, and especially when you get an embarrassing tan line on your shoulders. Read on to get some tips for surviving the (relatively) high temperatures of the British summer.

1) Rinse your hair, but don’t over wash it.

It might be tempting to wash your hair every single day, especially if you’ve been active in the sun for a few hours. But, for many, this is bad for your hair, as washing out the natural oils can actually make your hair oilier! Unless you really need to give it a full shampoo, get by with a very gentle wash, or, even better, a simple rinse with water. Alternatively, experiment with hair accessories, be it a hat or a headscarf, to hide any unsightly summer hair before you get a chance to shower.

2) Embrace the glowy look if the glowy look is embracing you.

It’s happened to us all. You get home and you’re bright red and/or sweating your face off. But fear not, there are plenty of solutions to solve this by-product of summer. Try using blotting paper to dab away any excess sweat or oil on your skin, or even a bit of toilet roll if you’re in a pinch/on a budget. If you’re overheating, try some looser clothing made out of a breathable material, or even a hat! I know that not everyone looks good in a hat, I certainly don’t, but your mother was right–they really help to keep you cool.

However, if none of these solutions work for you, maybe it’s time to just embrace it? I’m not saying you should concede defeat, but the glowy look has been popular for a few years now, so if you have a natural highlight, I’d say go for it! The best compliment I got was when I thought I looked like a swamp thing after trekking miles onto campus, only for someone to say I had a lovely summer glow! Let me assure you that you’re not as red-faced as you think you are.

3) Sunscreen

I need to make this point very clear–please wear sunscreen! Skin cancer is the extreme consequence of not looking after your skin during the summer, and a nasty, peeling burn is a common side effect. Even if you’re sat inside, being by a window is enough to cause damage to your skin, such as discolouration and sunspots. So slap on some sunscreen on to protect the largest organ in your body. A hat will also come in useful for keeping the rays away from your skin and your hair.

4) Hydration

This is hardly an exclusively summer tip, and more a general piece of life advice, but everyone is dehydrated. H2O is literally the source of life, and yet we all fall guilty to substituting it for an iced coffee or a can of fizz. Listen to your body when it’s telling you to drink something that is good for you, especially in the summer and especially during exam season. Keep those brain cells working and aim to drink eight glasses a day. It seems like a lot, but it can do wonders for your skin, your mood, and your energy levels.

5) Moisturising

I’m not just talking about your face, but your entire body. In the summer, slapping on some moisturizer might seem like the last thing your want to do, but the sun can be incredibly drying to your skin and hair, so moisturising is key. There are plenty of hair masks you can use to keep your hair healthy, and using a light-weight moisturiser on your skin is essential. Step away from that heavier product you use during the summer and try something that absorbs quickly instead.

6) Makeup

If you tan easily, ensure your makeup still matches your skin tone. There’s nothing worse than seeing a foundation line or finding that your bronzer no longer shows up because you’ve caught some rays. Also, I’d recommend waterproof mascara and a primer to help with keeping your makeup in place all day. Finally, try some new colours! This is true about your wardrobe as well, but feel free to try a new summery lipstick or a bold orange or blue or purple eye shadow to get into that summer mood!

Esme Johnson

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