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With exams finally nearing an end, why not take a trip to the cinema to celebrate?

If you’re already missing Marvel and Game of Thrones, then X-Men: Dark Phoenix would be a good choice, featuring Sophie Turner alongside her usual co-stars, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Or if you like your summer days with a touch of horror, then Child’s Play – the reboot of the Chucky franchise – could be right up your street, with Mark Hamill lending his voice as the murderous doll.

Then again, there are much lighter films if that’s what you prefer, such as Danny Boyle’s latest, Yesterday, in which a struggling musician (newcomer Himesh Patel) wakes up to find that no one remembers The Beatles, and Men in Black: International, a spin-off of the action-comedy series, starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. But if none of those take your fancy, then not to worry! There’s plenty more to look out for this month.

Dirty God – 7th June

Starting off with perhaps the heaviest movie on this list, Dirty God premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to strong reviews.

Jade (Vicky Knight) has grown accustomed to using her looks to support her family, as the single mother to a young daughter. But after a brutal acid attack leaves her face and body changed, she must rebuild her life and her relationships – both with her family and herself.

While the subject matter is undeniably difficult, unfortunately it is a reality that many people do have to face – including Knight herself. Judging by the trailer, director Sacha Polak has taken an unflinching look into the widespread repercussions of such a crime. If you’re at a loss as to what you should watch, this certainly looks like one not to miss.


Late Night – 7th June

On a much different note is Late Night, a film that quite frankly I’m rather excited about, based on the cast alone.

When formidable late-night talk show host Katherine (Emma Thompson) finds out that her show is on the verge of cancellation, she realises that one of her new writers, Molly (Mindy Kaling) may be her only hope. Molly, however, soon finds that her ideas may make waves in the predominantly white landscape of late-night television.

There’s no disputing the fact that Thompson is just an all-round fantastic actress, having successfully tried her hand at both drama and comedy, on stage and screen – even proving her live sketch comedy chops with her recent gig hosting Saturday Night Live. Combining that with Kaling’s extensive comedy experience means that Nisha Ganatra’s latest directing effort should be a truly joyful watch.


Toy Story 4 – 21st June

Well, after that tear-jerker of an ending in Toy Story 3, apparently Pixar have decided that they’re not quite ready to say goodbye to Woody and the gang – and, contrary to popular opinion, I’m actually looking forward to see what they’ve come up with.

Since Andy left Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen) and the rest with Bonnie, the toys have enjoyed finally being owned by a child after years of being packed away. However, while at nursery, Bonnie creates a toy (out of a spork), called Forky (Tony Hale). When Forky runs away, it’s up to Woody to find him – but during his search, he comes upon a figure from his past…

In all honesty, I’m not sure how necessary another Toy Story movie is, especially given how neatly 2010’s Toy Story 3 wrapped things up. Having said that, I do have a lot of faith in Pixar; when it comes to long-awaited sequels, they rarely disappoint and hopefully this will be no exception.


Support the Girls – 28th June

There’s nothing better than an empowering comedy-drama on a summer’s evening, and Support the Girls looks like it could fill that gap.

Lisa (Regina Hall), the manager of sports bar Double Whammies (think Hooters), likes to keep a close eye on her employees, ensuring no one disrespects or harasses them. But with her racist boss looking for any excuse to fire her, a rival business opening a restaurant just across the road, and her group of waitresses bringing their own drama into the workplace, Lisa is trying her best to make everyone happy.

For the past few years, Hall has consistently shown that she is an asset to every project she is part of, from Girls Trip and The Hate U Give to Black-ish and Insecure. Now, though, she has finally been given a chance to lead a solid cast (including Haley Lu Richardson, AJ Michalka and Shayna McHayle) and runs with it. Here’s hoping that this is the first of many such vehicles for Hall.


Sarah Quraishi

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