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Let’s Go To the Beach!

Mia investigates the University’s brand-new beach volleyball court at the Highfields Sports Complex.

In previous years, the University of Nottingham’s sports programme has continued to grow and excel. Notably, the University achieved third place in the final results of BUCS 2019. In light of this, the University has opened a brand-new beach volleyball court.

It has invested and developed the new beach volleyball court facility at the Highfields Sports Complex. The Complex already boasts a number of first-class grass football pitches, rugby pitches and a cricket square supported by the Vaughan Parry Williams and Highfields Pavillion.

The new sand court adds:

“4 x 2V2 beach Volleyball courts configurable to one central show court to the facility” University of Nottingham Department of Sport.

The beach volleyball court is the first in Nottinghamshire and can be used for sports other than just volleyball, for example ultimate frisbee and rounders.

Speaking about the new instalment, the Director of Sport, Dan Tilley, commented:

“The beach volleyball court adds to the quality facilities on offer at the University of Nottingham and will add to the experience for our students, resident athletes and the wider Nottingham community.”

Recently, the University of Nottingham Volleyball team received their best result, bringing home a record 78 BUCS points. The team contributed much of their success to the amount of time they were able to practice in the new facility. They had been able to train regularly on the new court ahead of the BUCS competition. 

We are delighted to witness the University’s Volleyball team able to reach their full potential!

The new facility is open to the public for local teams, schools and clubs to book.

Mia Haffety

Featured image courtesy of the University of Nottingham via the Department of Sport. No changes have been made to the original image. 

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