Society Spotlight: English Society

Vice President Emily Casey explains what being a member of the English Society, is like and why you should join. 

Congratulations freshers – welcome to Nottingham! But, more importantly, welcome to English Society!

Why should you join?

As a fresher, there are 3 main avenues to making friends: course, accommodation and societies. With English Society, you get two in one; you can meet your fellow first year course mates as well as other years and people who don’t even study English. Despite what the name may suggest, we are not only for English students – if you’re a bookworm or just want to meet a fun and friendly group of people, then we’re the society for you.

We have loads of exciting things coming up this year, from the infamous Arts Ball to a trip abroad. This year we want to really draw connections between the School and the society, which is why we plan to continue the “out of hours” lectures series where lecturers will discuss off-syllabus texts (such as The Hunger Games last year) in a relaxed environment.

The main role of English Society is to make you feel welcome and to form a group of likeminded friends. With this in mind, we will be hosting a coffee morning in Portland Coffee on the 28th September to allow you to get to know each other and your committee in a chilled-out space – Portland Coffee will soon become your go-to meeting spot. If you’re into sports but don’t want the commitment of joining a team, we offer IMS sports run by our sports secretaries which means you can play casual games as a society without the time consumption of regular training.

What we do

There will be lots of socials throughout the term as well as our big events, such as nights out to the infamously impossible to get tickets for: Crisis. As well as drinking events to clubs, we really want to make everyone feel included which is why we have lots of non-drinking events planned too, such as games and film nights.

Of course, this article is aimed at freshers, but we are always looking for members from any year to join. Even if it’s the last year of your degree, our society is a great way to make friends from other years to learn from or help throughout their time at Nottingham. We are here to enhance your uni experience and our dedicated committee will be here to help with anything you need, especially our Welfare Officer, Ellie Wall.

Find us in Freshers!

We will have a stall at the Freshers’ Fair, so please feel free to come over, ask any questions you may have (we’ll even provide sweets!), and meet some of our lovely team:

President: Niamh Millner
Vice President: Emily Casey
Publicity Officer: Helena Milsom
Social Secretary: Pia Bhatt, Annie Brown, Saffron Juttla
Spots Sec (Male): Zack Palmer
Sports Sec (Female): Bailey Armstrong
Treasurer: Harriet Swift
Welfare Officer: Ellie Wall

We’re a really friendly group of people who are looking forward to meeting you all. We can’t wait to make your Nottingham experience as incredible as it can be!

Emily Casey

Follow the English Society Instagram @uonenglishsoc and Facebook page The University of Nottingham English Society 19/20. Plus, feel free to contact any of the committee members mentioned above on Facebook with any questions!

Article image courtesy of The University of Nottingham English Society 19/20 via Instagram. Featured image courtesy of The University of Nottingham English Society 19/20 via Facebook.

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