Society Spotlight: Karnival

Dounia Crivelli discusses UoN’s Karnival, one of the largest student-run charity organisations in the country.

Karnival is the University of Nottingham’s student-run charity organization, one of the largest in the country, and we raise incredible amounts of money every year for amazing causes. We host many fundraising experiences and help out at local events that are always happy to have extra hands to work with.

Karnival is a very impressive society that constantly works very hard to achieve unbelievable things. We try to include something for everybody, whether it’s having a ‘puppy room’ for those that need a little moment to relax, or ‘take me out’ for those that love a good laugh! We also host some great activities for those that love to chase that adrenaline rush, such as skydiving or amazing treks at the end of the year. In 2020, students will have the chance to climb the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, or even climb Kilimanjaro. If treks are not for you and you live a more fast pace life, we also provide the opportunity to go to New York for a marathon!

Our goal for the upcoming academic year is to be even more inclusive and partner up with other societies so that there really is something for everyone, whilst raising money for great charities. Karnival currently holds the record for the most amount of money raised in one day at a Mega Raid which is £62,552.72. Last year Karnival raised over £100,000 and did 580 hours of volunteering and this year, we aim to work even harder and beat those numbers.

Whether you’re a fresher or returner, Karnival will provide your university experience with a new impetus. We understand that everyone has their own tastes and preferences which is why we ensure our events cover an array of types of activities. The opportunity to create memories for life by being able to hold your hands up and say you climbed Kilimanjaro, or that you trained and successfully competed in the New York Marathon, is exactly why students join Karnival.

Not only can you hold on to the personal accolade of completing these great feats, but know that you have benefitted charities which will create an impact on those less privileged than you for the rest of their lives. We work alongside amazing charities such as ‘Action against hunger’ who are specialists and combat acute malnutrition. Each student that fundraises for the Kilimanjaro challenge, can save 74 children’s lives.  This means it’s not only the opportunity of a lifetime but simultaneously has a huge impact on the world!

Don’t forget, Karnival holds termly socials which are a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. They are a great way to familiarize yourself with others who will likely be going on the same challenges as you, or who you will volunteer with at local events in Nottingham. 

Dounia Crivelli

To find out more about Karnival, find them on Instagram and Facebook!

Featured images courtesy of Dounia Crivelli.

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