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Not sure which society to join? Your subject society is a good place to start!

Starting uni is scary; joining a society can play a key role in helping ease the transition to uni life, but with over 200 societies to choose from it can be a little daunting deciding which to choose.  Whether it’s a life-long hobby or you want to try something adventurous and new, the Students Union will have something for everyone. A great way to help settle into university life is by joining your subject society.  As well as socials, sports and academic help, your subject society has the bonus that you will see your fellow members every day in lectures.

Welcome to NatSci Soc, where indecision is a decision too!

We aim to provide a network for students such that members can meet like-minded people both inside and outside of the Natural Sciences course.  It has often been said that one of the benefits of Natural Sciences is the closeness of the course and our members can certainly vouch for that! This tight-knit community would not be possible without the efforts of NatSci. Our wonderful committee work closely with the School of Mathematical Sciences, our home school, to provide the best social and educational experiences possible.  

Picture from our 10 year anniversary ball at Colwich Hall

Before term starts, prospective first years are invited to anonymously post questions to current students to help know what to expect and overcome any concerns they have.  In the first week alone, the Natural Sciences Peer Mentoring Scheme and NatSci Soc establishes small peer mentoring groups for student support and devotes an entire afternoon to getting to know course mates in all years.

Throughout the year, a variety of society events can help make you feel at home; from bowling to quizzes to nights out, there’s something for everyone.  Already a very warm and social society, it is never hard to meet new people and find friends.

IMS Sport has always been an integral part of NatSci Soc and it is a fabulous way to get involved in the society and be active in a social setting.  This year, we’re offering netball and football. As previous experience is not required, it provides a fun way to relax and spend an afternoon with your friends.  

In addition to simply social and sport events, we also run sustainable ‘bring your own mug’ de-stress events, particularly during exams or around deadline season.  We greatly appreciate the importance of mental wellbeing while at university and prioritise sustainability in our events as a ‘green’ society!

Not only does NatSci society help people integrate into and manage uni life, it also provides academic support.  Furthermore, knowing course mates, particularly in older years can be extremely advantageous when it comes to choosing future modules or knowing what kind of labs to expect in later years.  

So, whether you study Natural Sciences or something else, being a part of a subject society open doors to meeting some amazing people on your course and helps to settle into university life.

Hayley Gilbert and Alex Fieldsend

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