How to be Sporty When You’re Skint

From a distance, David Ross Sports Village looks more like the high-tech training centre from The Hunger Games than it does a gym. Packed with squash and badminton courts, a massive swimming pool, snazzy fitness suites, outdoor pitches and even a sauna and steam room (!) this is really much more than a few treadmills and weights.

But (and there’s always a but) that has to be reflected in the price. If you’re super eager and early you can get a reduced rate of ‘only’ £207, otherwise, to be able to train in this £40 million Olympic-like centre, you’ll be forking out almost £230, which is admittedly, quite a fair wee sum of money.

But with the frequent nights out involving too many Jägerbombs and early morning McDonald’s, it makes sense that we should want to do something to help us stay fit, keep in shape and also meet new people and learn cool skills.

So how can we look after our fitness and bank account at the same time? Luckily there are actually quite a few in-budget ways to do this across Nottingham, and I’ve rounded up ideas to get your health kick-started…

Engage classes:

Maybe unveil a hidden talent or just find your new favourite hobby.

These are not spoken about or used anywhere near as much as they should! Essentially, they are a way for people who don’t have a gym membership to try out new sports and pay only around £3-15 a session. You can try karate, korfball, climbing or even horse-riding – and who knows, maybe unveil a hidden talent, or just find your new favourite hobby.

Sporty societies:

Just because you don’t have a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t take part in sports at the university. Sporty societies include all types of dance, ranging from Salsa and Latin to Belly Dance. Yoga, Recreational Running and Extreme Ambling are societies that you can join as a member, or just pay as you go, and they encourage you to get outdoors and get moving while making new friends along the way!

Use the campus:

Walking up Portland Hill every day is as good a workout as any in my opinion

University Park is massive and walking up Portland Hill every day is as good a workout as any in my opinion. You could go on a walk round the lake or at Wollaton Park, or make use of the outdoor gym equipment dotted around the campus. Really, no excuses.

Free events:

If you keep an eye out there are free sporty events throughout the year. ‘Girls Night In’ is a cool way to try new sports and meet other sporty gals (and get loads of freebies while you’re there). Park Run is free and happens every Saturday morning- a great way to waken you right up after a big dip in Ocean the night before.

Other gyms:

Just because you think everyone goes to David Ross doesn’t mean that its the only gym out there. There are loads of cheaper gyms in Nottingham, and some may even be closer to where you live- like Xercise4Less in Lenton, Pure Gym in Beeston and Formula One Gym in the City Centre. Most don’t even require a joining fee or full year membership, so pretty handy if you’re not committed to the fitness life just yet.

Now all that’s needed is a big shop of super cute sports bras and leggings and you’ll be ready for the Olympics in no time.

Katy Skillen

Featured image courtesy of Seattle Parks via Flikr. Image License found here. No changes were made to this image. 

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