Accidental and Affordable Vegan Treats

For World Vegan Month I have decided to start following a plant-based diet and joined the recent rise in people interested in cutting out animal products from their diet. I’m now aware that many treats branded as “vegan” can be expensive or hard to find, so I’ve put together a helpful list of snacks that are “accidentally vegan” and won’t break the bank. Caution: please remember to check the labels of your food, as ingredients may change depending on the brand.

there are now loads of vegan cheese substitutes and cream cheese alternatives you could have

First up, hummus. This classic dip can be enjoyed with some chopped veggies or slices of pitta bread for a great mid-afternoon snack.

Or why not pair your hummus with some Jacob’s cream crackers! Yes, although these favourites are often enjoyed with animal cheeses, however there are now loads of vegan cheese substitutes and cream cheese alternatives you could have instead.

Another easy lunch: Pot Noodle. Believe it or not, many of their flavours are vegan, including the beef and tomato one! If you’re someone like me who likes the taste of meat, but are going vegan for sustainability and health reasons, a Pot Noodle is a great, meat-tasting fix. 

Bacon Frazzles are another animal-free way to satisfy your meat cravings! These tasty, pork-flavoured crisps are suitable for vegans, as are Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps and Skips.

My favourite “accidentally vegan” find are all the suitable brands of biscuits.

Other crisps I can think of that are suitable for vegans are Chilli Heatwave Doritos and Lightly Salted Doritos. These are both great with some salsa or guacamole to share with friends.

My favourite “accidentally vegan” find are all the suitable brands of biscuits. The list includes: Hobnobs, Rich Teas, Ginger Nuts, Bourbons, Lotus Biscoff Biscuits, Party Rings and even Oreos! It’s good to know that us vegans and can still enjoy a cup of tea (with plant milk) and a biscuit when we need a break after a long day of revision/watching Netflix. However, be careful if you’re allergic to dairy, as some of these products are packaged in an environment that also handles milk products.

Talking of Netflix, you can’t watch a movie without popcorn! Salted, sweet and sweet and salted Popcorn are often vegan, so you don’t have to miss out. Brands including Metcalfes and Propercorn make a variety of vegan flavours. 

Snacks aside, us vegans need real meals too! With the cold winter months now upopn us, we all need comfort food to pick us up. An amazing find: Jus Rol pastry is vegan! It’s perfect for making pies and pastries. Why not make a Spicy Bean Pie by filling a dish with some spicy beans, onions, peppers and top with some Jus Rol pastry?

I hope this list gets you excited to enjoy some tasty vegan treats! I’m really enjoying being vegan and I’ve found it easier than I thought so far. I’m excited to continue living an animal-free lifestyle after the month is over.

Megan Bowie

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