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Flooding Across the World: From Venice to Sheffield

The recent floods at home and abroad have brought back the debate on climate change and its associated impact.

Last week, Italy was to declare a state of emergency in Venice after severe floods saw an estimated 80% of the city, according to Unesco, under water.

Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Contesaid that it was essential for his government to act quickly to ensure people are saved and that historic monuments are preserved. Venice’s water levels have been an issue for some time after it was established that the land in the area was sinking. Although there has been a long term structural plan in process, it is not expected to be complete until the next decade, leaving Venice vulnerable to further flooding.

The Mayor of Venice has been very quick to link these floods with the effects of climate change. 

Closer to home, many areas in the Midlands and the North, has been affected by the rain. The train line from Nottingham to Derby was closed until last Friday afternoon after heavy rain flooded the railway near Long Eaton. South Yorkshire and Worcestershire are among the places worst affected by the floodwater, with emergency services working round the clock to aid the victims of these floods.

Firefighters have been kept busy, rescuing over 100 people from flood water, whilst also issuing frequent reminders asking people not to drive their cars in affected areas.

Climate change has come back on the agenda as the cause of the recent flooding. Scientists in the UK predict a 10-20% increase in rainfall, and the chances of flooding in coastal areas are set to be made worse by the rise in sea levels.

“Scientists in the UK predict a 10-20% increase in rainfall”

Climate change has also been said to be the cause of the Australian bushfires that have come much earlier and on a larger scale than before. Despite climate change not being the direct cause of bushfires, it is a major contributor to its persistence, as a consequence of global warming.

These recent floods highlight the ever-growing environmental problems. Many environmentalists want to emphasise that these effects are a stark reminder that if climate change is ignored, the impacts will only worsen.

Safa Shahid

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