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Record Number of Homeless Deaths in Nottingham

Homelessness in the UK is a damning indictment of how poorly we treat those less fortunate than ourselves. This is particularly true in Nottingham, where from January of this year, 49 people are sleeping rough every day.

Not enough is being done to protect these vulnerable people who, for a variety of reasons, such as mental health, exploitation and a lack of a social support network, are forced to sleep in parking lots, in bins and on the streets of Nottingham. Not only has the amount of people sleeping rough risen, so has the number of reported deaths.

In Nottingham alone, 8 homeless people died in 2018, a record high. An obvious place to turn to is the Nottingham City Council, yet, Polly Moss, from Souprunners, a student led society that provides food to the homeless community in Nottingham, says that,

“A lot of people don’t realise how strict the local council’s requirements for giving help to someone who has become homeless are.”

For example, people who have family who live in Nottingham could be denied help from the council.

We cannot, in good conscience, allow this to continue. Fortunately, there are many ways in which students can get involved. The best short term solutions to this crisis would be to get involved with groups, such as the Souprunners society or support/run fundraising efforts that tackle homelessness. To create lasting change it is important to make your voices heard. Through voting, social media, or any means that gets the message out there. It’s imperative for a prosperous and seemingly egalitarian society like ours to put a stop to this crisis.

Alex Lovesey 

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