Teach First: Want To Help Smash the Class Ceiling?


Impact’s latest sponsor, Teach First wants you to help smash the class ceiling by applying to become part of their teacher training programmes. Read on to find out more…

Firstly, what even is the class ceiling?

Well, did you know that in the UK, just eight schools send the same number of pupils to Oxford and Cambridge Universities as three quarters of the rest of the country’s schools? And this is ultimately why only 4% of doctors, 6% of barristers, 11% of journalists and 12% of solicitors come from working class backgrounds.

How is this even possible? It all boils down to money, background and connections. Research consistently shows that poorer young people find doors closed and paths to the top blocked again and again and again.

At every stage of their lives – from cradle to college to career – new hurdles appear that simply don’t exist for those from more advantaged backgrounds, making it virtually impossible for them to break through the ‘class ceiling’ and reach as high as their talents allow.

How can we break this ceiling and unlock the potential in the next generation?

With a fair education, anything’s possible. With great teachers and brilliant leaders, schools thrive. And when schools thrive, so do children. Teach First is helping to build a fair education for all by finding talented people to train as teachers in schools facing the biggest challenges.

How you can help?

Apply to Teach First’s flagship Training Programme
Become a teacher and leader with the UK’s largest graduate recruiter. You’ll help the UK’s most disadvantaged children realise their potential – and discover your own. On our two-year graduate scheme you’ll get a salary from day one. And you’ll get into the classroom quickly, so you can start making a difference right away. 

Sign-up to our STEM Internship
Want to try teaching for size first? Our week-long STEM Internship is a paid opportunity for students in their penultimate year who have studied a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths) at A-level or higher. Developing crucial skills and putting them into action in the classroom, you’ll be inspiring disadvantaged pupils to take on crucial STEM subjects, all while boosting your chances of a place on our Training Programme.

Supercharge your CV
If you’re not a STEM student, our Taster Experience is for you. It’s a two-day employability workshop designed to give you skills to help you stand out and experience the thrill of teaching. It’s London-based, but we can cover expenses.

We need to unlock the potential in all our children – not just some. If we don’t, we fail the next generation.

Will you help us alter the outcome?

Find out more at teachfirst.org.uk.

To find out more about Teach First, visit their website here.

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  • Susan richardson
    24 November 2019 at 10:32
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    It is important to enter the teaching profession for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Some teachers are “great”, but not all are. Also, it has to be acknowledged that some schools are of the “sink” variety and do not provide a “fair education”.

    Equally it is important to recognise that certain pupils are affected by issues outside of their control: no books in the home, parents who do not value education and nowhere to study effectively. However hard teachers work, it is a monumental task for them to tackle outside factors.

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