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The State of Politics Today with Annunziata Rees-Mogg

Back for the second time this term, Annunziata Rees-Mogg came to the University of Nottingham to give her view and answer questions on the state of politics today.

Opening her speech, Rees-Mogg chose one word to sum up the current political climate… Change. That society and people’s political opinions are rapidly changing. Notably, the population are increasingly aware of real issues that affect them. Rees-Mogg noted how this comes in tandem with the ever-growing influence of social media and the internet – society has grown as globalisation has created a more interconnected world. Significantly, Rees-Mogg pointed out that politicians are not keeping up with such change. 

“The one word that to sum up the current political climate… Change”

Rees-Mogg therefore called for a change in politics to reflect what the people want to vote for. Such issues that concern both the left wing and right wing. Notably, when asked if she rejects the left/right divide, Rees-Mogg did not respond directly but instead stressed the need for change within the “political dividing line”. A voter should not have to sacrifice their social stance for their economic stance and vice versa. Therefore Rees-Mogg pledged for a shift away from the line of American politics, where a conflation of conscious issues with political issues exists. Whilst listening to Rees-Mogg talk of a much needed international outlook from politicians, it did feel ironic that this politician promotes the nationalist ideology of the Brexit Party.

When asked the sweeping question of “generally, how difficult is politics?”, Rees-Mogg responded:

“We are all human. We all see things in our own way. If there were an unanimity of thought, we would get more done. As Brexit shows, shaping an outcome is difficult. But, debate finesses things for the better on how to get things done.”

When the discussion turned to climate change , Rees-Mogg recognised this to be the biggest issue and growing priority of younger generations. She further recognised that it was only going to snowball into a bigger issue. In reference to her previous focus on the political dividing lines, Rees-Mogg noted how climate change is not a left/right wing problem, as it doesn’t fit within such a paradigm. Instead, everyone is seeking the same outcome of a sustainable planet. She therefore stressed the need to stop procrastinating as the problem will not be going away.

Such views were reiterated on her opinion towards Brexit. Rees-Mogg admitted that she will be supporting Boris Johnson within the upcoming general election purely due to the need for the government to “get Brexit done”. 

“Through gritted teeth, in this election, Boris Johnson is the only choice I have.”

Mia Haffety


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