How Will Style Change Post-Quarantine?

Style is constantly changing due to the influential and ever evolving society we live in.

Thus far, we have seen the uprising power that is the E-girl trend as well as 90s soft glam trend taking storm.

Given the negative economic implications of the Coronavirus outbreak it is clear that many people will be wiser in terms of spending

So I asked my friends how they think style would have evolved following quarantine.


I think young people will look real trendy and try there hardest or, try looks they haven’t before. Older people may realise they have too may clothes and realise that they can be more practical in what they wear, like wear more of what they already have and buy less.

Given the negative economic implications of the Coronavirus outbreak it is clear that many people will be wiser in terms of spending and so Anna’s predictions on older generations is likely to be true.

“like you didn’t think you’d survive but you did so people are going to go all out”

For many first year students, this situation will prove to be a financial blessing given the fact that thousands of us are not tied to paying any Summer term accommodation fees yet, will be receiving the Summer term SFE instalment.

For the impulsive shopper, the first place they will be seeing after quarantine may be that thrift store with all the gems or better yet, Selfridges.


I think people are going to bulk buy clothes because it’s almost post-apocalyptic, like you didn’t think you’d survive but you did so people are going to go all out.


“I think people will wear all the funky stuff and eyeshadow looks they practiced in quarantine…or everyone will be ‘TikTokers’”.

I proceeded to ask Maddie what she defined as a Tik Toker and why she thought people would aim to achieve this look.

She explained that TikTokers are like the “new celebrities” in the same way movie stars have fans. A typical Tik Tok star’s style is that of the previously stated e- girl. E girls have been likened to the earlier mods and Teddy boys who arose in London during the 60s and 70s.

In the modern day, they are associated with being “hot and online” (Vox) and their fame comes from their digital persona and eccentric looks. Key features include: neon coloured/ half died hair, winged liner and anything which previously graced the rails of Urban Outfitters, a thrift store or the online racks of Depop.

Another trend which may arise is the facemask. It has been made known that as a nation it is important that we maintain impeccable hygiene and keep ourselves protected. Many have chosen to adopt face masks to their daily routine which may eventually become a ‘fashion essential’.


Yeah, I feel like everyone is going to do the most and are going to wear stuff they didn’t ever think they would wear before.

I feel like styles will be very experimental just because we have had the time to sit down and not wear anything so when we come out, we’re just going to do the most; buy whatever, whenever.

Challenges such as the ‘don’t rush challenge’ where friends show there 0-100 hundred transformations online give us the opportunity the practice our makeup skills. Along with us evolving our approach to make-up, many of us will scour the pages of ASOS and PrettyLittleThing collating a mammoth sized list of apparel we hope to try. Come post- quarantine, you might find that you have changed into a completely different person with a whole new style.

However, Misha thinks otherwise…


I just don’t think it’ll change that much. Maybe it’s just because I am not that invested in fashion and what people wear.


I agree with Misha, lowkey I feel like it’s not going to change that much. Like I feel like there will be the new summer trends that happen every year but at the end of the day, I feel like people will stick to what other people are doing, etc.

I feel like post-Coronavirus, loads of people would have lost their jobs…unemployment has increased massively in America so fashion won’t be a financial priority for many.


People are saving their money now so fashion isn’t a priority.

As you can see there is an array of opinions concerning this matter, ultimately, we may just see the natural process of trends going in and out of style rather than a shift in approach to fashion. The lack of household income across the UK will certainly make it harder to re-invent one’s self.

On the flip side, although we probably won’t see much change in the older generation, maybe Generation Z; in particular first years who have struck the SFE lottery, will be the pioneers of fashion moving into the rest of the decade.

How do you think style will change post quarantine?

Will you take a humbler approach and stick with your current wardrobe or will you be one of the experimental ones?

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