Style Review: Funmi Ogundimu

What makes someone stylish? I could ask a hundred people this question and everyone would answer differently.

For me, someone who is ‘stylish’ is someone who sets his or her own trends and feels confident whilst doing so. They are not afraid to experiment with different looks and thus stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, the most obvious thing that makes someone stylish is there ability to look effortlessly good.

You wouldn’t expect someone who is both athletic and academically talented to also be stylish. However, my friend, Funmi Ogundimu, is an exception to this. She not only styles her own clothes, but she makes some of them too.

When it comes down to Year 13 prom, for most, the last major school event, students stress about what dress or suit to buy. Instead, Funmi stressed about how to actually make her prom dress.

She thought that making one rather than buying one would be more sustainable, as she could then reuse it or make it into something else. She used a red and yellow colour scheme, and tapped into her heritage by using fabrics from Nigeria. The dress style itself was inspired by Christian Dior’s 1947 “New Look”, but with a modern take. The little personal touches from the contrasting shoe colours to the flow like skirt (that can be unclipped to make the dress suitable for clubbing) are really what pulls this outfit together to make it look ‘stunning’.

For a more casual look, this beautiful patterned yellow off-the-shoulder top paired with blue jeans and strappy heels is perfect for Spring and for those lockdown days when you want to feel good and look good.

Jewellery is also important feature in Funmi’s wardrobe as it helps her outfit look more ‘put together’ stylish. She paired this dark blue skater dress with a casual tailored jacket to create a look that is both effortless and timeless. Layering it with gold jewellery adds a touch of glamour lends an element of glamour to the over all outfit.

If you’re tired of pulling out the same old dress in the back of your wardrobe for every social occasion you could try mixing it up with a monochrome patterned suit, bold sunglasses and eye-catching earrings similar to Funmi in this cropped-sleeved zebra-print jacket and matching skirt. Her choice of accessories again works really well to complement the whole look.

“When it comes to fashion, its clear that Funmi brings her own unique style into the mix.”

One of my personal favourites in Funmi’s wardrobe is this gorgeous wrap front dress; the yellow detailing stands out beautifully. It can also be worn in Spring or in Autumn, depending on what you style it with. In this example, Funmi kept it simple with sunglasses and statement earrings to show off the dress itself.

Last but not least is this beautiful one-piece swimsuit. The detailing in the middle is the focal point on the suit, but we can also note how the overall fit and shape is flattering. While we may not be rushing down to the beach or a swimming pool any time soon, those of us who have the luxury of a garden can utilise swimsuits like this for sunbathing season.

“A lot of my style is based on the type of person I am and how I want to show that to the world.”

When it comes to fashion, its clear that Funmi brings her own unique style into the mix. One thing I miss about school is seeing the incredible outfits she crafted together every day. She always managed to adhere to our semi-formal dress code and still look fabulous.

In a time in which we are staying at home, it’s amazing how dressing up in a good outfit and putting some make up on, even if it just to do coursework or to walk the dog, can improve your mood!

A couple of Questions:

Q: Who would you say influences your personal style the most?

A: “I don’t think I can say one person or designer influences my style the most. There are designers I definitely love, for example, Christian Dior. But a lot of my style is based on the type of person I am and how I want to show that to the world. Like when I was younger I wanted to be a Tomboy or a huntress like you’d see on video games and that kind of showed through in what I wore.”

Q: As someone who is interested in both fashion and the environment, how do you avoid buying into fast fashion?

A: “It’s a really difficult subject to work around when designing and making as well as buying. But the rule I always try to follow is don’t buy it unless you actually need it, and if you need it buy it from one of the brands that uses recycled or sustainable materials. Another great thing is to buy second-hand. I’m also lucky since I study fashion, I have the opportunity to make my own clothes so I can use old clothes that are broken to make new clothes.”

Jasmin Lemarie

Featured Image courtesy of Tony Donnelly via Flickr

Main Images Courtesy of Layole Ogundimu provided by the writer

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