We Miss You, Notts!

With the country on lockdown and only essential stores like supermarkets and pharmacies being open, it seems like now is the perfect time to talk about the spots in Nottingham we miss the most – or at least the ones I’m missing the most. From bars to cafés, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite places to go in Notts. As a third year I’m hoping (like most of us) that there may be a sliver of summer left to visit them again before moving back home.

Annie’s Burger Shack

If I’m still in Notts when covid is over, you’ll find me here drowning in curly fries.

No doubt a firm favourite of everyone who’s eaten there, Annie’s Burger Shack is a staple for burger lovers. With a huge three page menu that ranges from the standard cheeseburger to wacky creations like a peanut butter jelly burger – and the ability to have ALL burgers as completely veggie or vegan – there really is a burger for everyone. Currently, they have one site in Nottingham, on Broadway, and one in Derby. If I’m still in Notts when covid is over, you’ll find me here drowning in curly fries. It’s also very reasonably priced for the portion sizes.

My personal fave – The Boston Nibbler.

King’s Walk Kitchen

This little café is a hidden gem for coffee and cake. King’s Walk Kitchen is located, unsurprisingly, on the corner of King’s Walk, just opposite the Corner House. They offer a selection of brunch and deli items from halloumi bagels and full English to grilled cheese and toasted ciabattas. But the star of the show is undoubtedly their selection of cakes and tray-bakes (the vegan chocolate fudge cake is incredible). The café actually offers a multitude of vegan options and can make almost all menu items gluten free. They open every day and serve brunch until 1:30pm weekdays and 2:30pm weekends.

Pepper Rocks

I’m sure most students will have been, or at least heard of, Pepper Rocks but if you haven’t then it really is worth a trip. Their cocktails are free-poured and before 10pm you can pick up any of their house drinks for a fiver, even on a Friday and Saturday. Also, they run an open mic night every Tuesday (performers get a free drink) which is great fun even if you don’t play. The standard of performers is usually really high so it makes for a nice evening of live music. The venue is decorated somewhat like a jungle with mismatched furniture and they have a small balcony – equipped with heaters for when the weather isn’t as warm.

The Tap House

I only got chance to visit once before the lockdown and I wish I’d found it sooner.

The Tap House (Byard Lane, near Coco Tang) is relatively new, and a unique bar experience because you pour your own drinks. On entering, you get a small card which acts as a tab and is used to access the taps. They offer a rotating range of craft beers, ciders and wine including stout, IPA, and porters. Pizza is also on offer!  I only got chance to visit once before the lockdown and I wish I’d found it sooner. It’s a really fun and different night, making a change from the usual pubs and bars like Wetherspoons. Although the drinks come in either 1/3 or 1/2 pints most of them are a much higher percentage than your typical Carling or Heineken. Very enjoyable time had by all.


Effy is a small café located on Hounds Gate. They serve beautiful coffees alongside their speciality Beetroot Latte which is pink and sprinkled with edible flowers. They also have a selecion of cakes and small items like grilled cheese on offer. The café has only been open for a year  – in fact, they would have celebrated their one year anniversary if not for the lockdown – so when we can, let’s show Effy some support by grabbing one of the prettiest lattes you’ve ever seen for you daily dose of caffeine.

Café Sobar

Just off Old Market Square, Café Sobar is a not-for-profit organisation set up by Double Impact, a Nottingham based drug and alcohol recovery charity, and offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch options as well as tea, coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks. There’s always a friendly atmosphere and they serve up a cracking full English – the veggie sausages are especially good.  As most of the workers are volunteers (Double Impact provides opportunities for people in recovery to volunteer and gain experience of workplace environments too) it’s nice to go somewhere that not only isn’t a chain, but a place that makes a difference to people within the local community.

Emma Conroy

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