Impact in Isolation: Committee Poem

Impact’s 2019/2020 committee has come together to compose a poem about what we’ve been up to during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Man’s never been in Lenton when it’s lockdown, eh? 

Trusss me when I tell you of that strange affair…

Isolation? More like procrastination- all the time in the world yet nothing’s getting done

dissertation looming and all you’re doing is making Mary Berry’s iced buns

Words are lost in hopeless wifi

Keen to procrastinate, I flick through Impact’s back copies 

Get lost in past articles, catch myself feeling soppy

Stuck inside; outdoors at least the sun shines- for all the times I’ve said I’d run ‘tomorrow’

Each day scrolling through Instagram for workouts I pretend to follow

Staring at posters on my wall, I hum a tune I do not know

Not composing, writing or plotting, my thoughts just wander to and fro

Words are lost in hopeless wifi-

unproductive me and time in oversupply. 

‘Oh, to be in a beer garden with a pint and a bowl of grub!’

Been reading, writing, you know the whole bunch, 

but I’m starting to miss the occasional brunch

I’m now on Duolingo attempting to learn français

As I’ve already taken the dog on six walks today

running out of shows to binge,

still debating cutting a fringe…

Bursts of sun boost serotonin

My jeans must be wondering what they did wrong,

Maybe I should stop wearing pyjamas all day long?

Every night I go to bed and dream about the pub 

Oh, to be in a beer garden with a pint and a bowl of grub! 

The five mile run I did felt like five billion!

Survivin n thrivin 

by walkin n talkin,

Witnessing the extraordinary: 

a ninety nine year old completes his hundredth lap, 

raises twenty nine million

The five mile run I did felt like five billion! 

Bursts of sun boost serotonin, embracing sunbeams gladly

Lifting spirits for Zoom calls or board games with the family. 


Written by: 

Katie Moncur (Head of Impact)

Alice Reading (Welfare)

Emily Casey (Features editor) 

Emily Hall (Head of Features)

Lauren Winson (Arts editor)

Will Phillips (Deputy online editor)

Francesca Hadland (Online editor)

James Hurman (Print editor)

Jack Richardson (Gaming editor)

Mateus de  (Music editor)

Phoebe Raine (Podcasts editor)

Akshata Kasiwal (External editor) 

Ben Ofwungu (Sport editor)

Harriet Mills (Style editor) 

Rowan Perry (Travel editor) 

Nina Sasha (Head of Images)

Mia Haffety (Head of News) 

Niamh Robinson (Comment editor) 

Anna Scott (Head of Lifestyle)

Jenny Katte (Food editor)

Joe Paternoster (Science editor)

Natasha Phang-Lee (Artistic director)

Ibrahim Lakhanpal (Film and TV editor)

Megan Bowie (Social Media assistant) 


Featured image courtesy of Shamraze/Nuhaize via Flickr. Image use licence here. No changes made to this image.

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