A ‘Savage’ Review of TikTok Recipes

From viral dance routines to comedy sketches, TikTok is an outlet for creativity and entertainment which has dominated the internet. One category that is popular with TikTok users is food. Viral TikTok recipes tend to include minimal but effective ingredients which take little time to make and will not break the bank. It is understandable why the younger generation are hooked on recreating TikTok treats because the recipes look easy to make, delicious and above all, fun to do! To determine whether some of these TikTok recipes are worth the hype I have recreated and reviewed a few popular TikTok recipes.

McDonald’s Cheese Bites

When the restaurants were closed during lockdown, McDonalds fans had to get their fix another way, and this is where TikTok came in handy. Using only five ingredients (babybell, egg, flour, breadcrumbs, and oil), TikToker Rees Edwards-Caulier demonstrated how you can make the cheese bites at home.

The cheese bites were relatively easy to make. The babybell was rolled first in flour (I used plain flour but self-raising flour is fine as well), then a beaten egg, and finally breadcrumbs. After, the covered babybell was shallowed fried in oil. My family and I tried the cheese bites and they were surprisingly tasty given the minimal effort needed! I would go as far to say I prefer the homemade cheese bites to McDonalds ones; the cheese is gooier, and these cheese bites are considerably cheaper.

My overall rating for this TikTok recipe is an 8/10. The bites were a bit too oily for my liking but nonetheless still delicious. A salsa or sweet chilli dipping would have complimented these nicely.

Oreo Mug Cake

 This recipe is probably up there with the easiest TikTok recipes as only two ingredients are required; Oreos and milk. Also, if you want a quick and easy-to-make dessert this cake is for you as the total time to cook and prep the cake takes three minutes!

All you have to do is put some Oreos in a mug (I used five) then add about 3-4 tablespoons of milk and mix well until there are no Oreo chunks and the mixture is smooth. Then put the mug into the microwave for about 2 minutes, checking the cake in 30 second intervals after the first minute, then boom you have yourself an effortless Oreo cake.

The mug cake was not the most attractive dish (as you can see from the photograph) and the cake tasted quite bland in my opinion. However, I cannot really complain as the texture was surprisingly cake-like considering only two ingredients were used and the recipe was very easy to follow. I rate this TikTok recipe a 6/10.

Overall, TikTok recipes are good fun. Although not the healthiest, these recipes are perfect if you want to treat yourself. So, if you are ‘bored in the house and in the house bored’ definitely have a go at these recipes and share any original recipes of your own onto TikTok, you never know you could become the next viral hit.

Millie Thomson


Featured image courtesy of Alice Nott. All article images courtsey of Millie Thomson

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