Sustainable Shopping: Clothing

Abi Kara-Fernandes

Shopping in vintage stores is one of the best ways to shop sustainably, giving new life to old clothes. Nottingham has a wealth of both vintage stores and charity shops available, as well as some other hidden gems. Some of which are listed here.


Barnardo’s – 15 Angel Row

By shopping in charity shops, you are not only giving a second (or third) home to unwanted items, but you are also giving money to a worthy cause. In this case, this helps to protect vulnerable children.


Braderie – 19-20 Pelham Street

This is a vintage clothing store round the corner from Primark, stocking both men’s and women’s clothing. Whilst vintage stores are sustainable, they might not be quite so friendly to your wallets, as the items have been handpicked to ensure they’re on trend and save you any extra hassle.

British Heart Foundation – 50-52 Long Row

Although this is a charity shop, it specifically sells furniture and electronics, not clothing.


It’s such a great store that I couldn’t resist throwing it in here too!


Cow Vintage – 3 Carlton Street

As a frequent visitor of Cow in Birmingham, I was so excited to find that there was one in Nottingham after moving here. The upcycled and vintage clothes here are slightly more expensive, but a good dig will draw out some great bargains and guaranteed staple items for your wardrobe.

Emmanuel House – 53-61 Goose Gate

The Emmanuel House Support Centre works to reduce homelessness in Nottingham, so shopping in this small charity shop has the added bonus of supporting local people. A win-win!


Hopkinson – 21 Station Street

Next to the train station, Hopkinson is home to a number of independent vintage shops with an on-site gallery, tearoom, and even a zero waste shop.


I once went to a £1 sale here, advertised on Facebook, so be on an extra lookout for these.


Kilo Vintage Sales

Both the Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale and Worth the Weight tour the country, including Nottingham, often take place in the Portland Building and Nottingham Trent’s Student Union.


My Sight – 10-12 Carlton Street

Located opposite the Cow store, donations to My Sight go towards those struggling with vision loss.


Nottingham Fixers

Nottingham Fixers are a group of volunteers working to repair clothes, saving them from being thrown away. Look out for their regular repairs cafes where you can get not just your clothes, but your electronics, furniture and more, fixed. 


Oxfam – 16-22 Goose Gate

Donations go towards fighting poverty.


Relic – Intu Victoria Centre

A vintage store situated in the Victoria Centre.

Sue Ryder – 30-32 Goose Gate

Sue Ryder charity shops are always a treasure trove of clothes, books and furniture, and this one definitely does not disappoint.


Swap Shops

Swap shops are honestly one of my favourite things in the world and I wish there were more across the country. You could even start one of your own (I’d be sure to attend!).


White Rose – 6 locations

White Rose is slightly more expensive than your average charity shop, but with six locations across Nottingham, you’re certain to secure a steal.


Wild Clothing – 4-6 Broad Street

The first floor of Wild Clothing sells new clothes, however if you venture downstairs, a vintage section awaits.


Happy sustainable shopping!


Abi Kara-Fernandes

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