12 Days of Freshers

Review: Best Study Spaces On Campus

Kayleigh Moore

On the fourth day of freshers, Impact gave me all the places to study on campus.

When thinking of places to study on campus, most people instantly think of the libraries. Whilst they do feature in this article, there are many more places on campus where you can crack on with work or procrastinate. The choice is yours. And while the at the moment some of these spaces are closed, keep them in mind as they will not be closed forever.

University Park

Hallward Library:

Both of the two libraries on the University Park campus offer many study spaces to cater to everyone’s needs. In Hallward, the ground floor and lower ground floor are the perfect space for group work as they are relaxed environments where you can talk as much as you want. On the lower ground floor there are also whiteboards dotted around that can be used for brainstorming, and maybe some hangman. Upstairs you will find silent study areas if that is more your scene. Also, there are a selection of rooms throughout Hallward available to be booked both for solo and group work.

George Green Library:

George Green the more stylish of the two libraries offers similar facilities but with an arguably better café to get lunch from. George green I would say has a better selection of rooms to book for group work but less spaces for more chilled and chattier socialisation.

Monica Partridge Building:

The newly named Monica Partridge building (formally T&L) offers brand new study spaces due to the building being so new. There are a variety of booths and tables across all floors with enough charging sockets to please everyone. Natural lighting is a big plus in this building too due to the massive windows. There are also bookable rooms on the bottom floor which have interactive smart boards that can be useful for studying. However, a drawback of studying in Monica Partridge is that it can be a bit cold sometimes, so remember to bring a hoodie and you will be fine.

Portland Coffee:

Across campus there are a variety of Cafes in teaching buildings as well as across the halls of residence, which can all double as study spaces if you enjoy having a source of coffee mere steps away. Portland Coffee is particularly lovely as long as you don’t mind a bit of noise. The seats are cosy and the coffee is delicious and in summer you can sit outside, but all the campus cafes are lovely in their own way.

Jubilee Campus

Jubilee Library:

The Djanogly Learning Resource Centre (Jubilee Library) is a beautiful library that really shows modern architecture at its finest. When inside the library it is one floor that spirals up and is just something that you have to experience. The library also has incredible views from almost every study space, making it a lovely place to work.

Outside Area:

Outside of the library there are some picnic tables and benches which are great places to work at when the weather is good outside. The peacefulness of the lake is only sometimes disturbed by the geese so it is definitely a good spot to get work done and enjoy the weather.

Jubilee Cafes:

There are also a couple of cafes on Jubilee; Aspire Café in The Exchange and then Spokes Café in the Conference Centre, which I am informed do good noodles.

No matter which campus you are based on it is also worth checking out if your course has a dedicated study space or common room. As an English student, I know that the English common room is located in the Trent Building and can provide a nice change from the libraries. They even have a microwave!  

So, here are my recommendations of study spaces on both University Park and Jubilee Campus. Happy Studying.

Kayleigh Moore

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