8 Tips On How To Give Your Room Some Extra TLC This Winter!

Whether you eat, sleep, work or chill in your bedroom, who doesn’t love a good revamp every once in a while? In these steps, Jennie has compiled some simple, straight-forward ways to upgrade your room this November, so if you’re in need of a bedroom update this is the place for you!

1. Plants. These are one of my favourite ways of adding some life to any space. Whilst a standing plant on the floor has the power to alter an entire room’s vibe, other options like plant shelves can also provide the room with an added edge. With growing stresses on us every day, a calming cactus or succulent can make that small difference. Not only aesthetically, but also mentally. Numerous studies have found that houseplants reduce the number of indoor air pollutants and have frequently been related to reductions in stress and improved creativity. So keep a look-out for some top-rated air-purifying plants, but be warned, the plant addiction is real… (Lavender, Lady Palm, Rubber Plant, Areca Palm, Boston Fern and Peace Lily are just a few of my favourites!).

When I’m stressed with deadlines, need to relax, or am feeling a bit deflated, this does the trick.

2. Wall art. Whether you like bright colours, minimal designs, or prefer life quotes that give you that early morning drive, there’s the poster out there for you! With amazing sites like ‘Esty’ a whole range of creative styles can be explored, and, even better, whilst supporting a small business at the same time! You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on frames; a bit of washi tape or white tack can go a long way and even give the room that edge you’re after.

3. Oil diffusers. After going to my boyfriend’s six-man university house and discovering just how ecstatic all six boys were with their recent purchase, I finally understood the hype and thought it was my turn to get one. With so many different oils (which all have different smells and qualities), this purchase was a real game-changer. When I’m stressed with deadlines, need to relax, or am feeling a bit deflated, this does the trick. For just £20 you can also get one which lights up and transitions into different colours – a whole new level of relaxation, let me tell you!

4. Candles and lights. Candles are a perfect way to create some mood lighting in your room and also make it smell sensational. But, if you’re a bit of a worrier like me and would rather avoid the fire hazard altogether then fairy or LED lights are the perfect compromise. Not only do they give the room a warm glow, they also very conveniently act as the perfect backdrop to any picture. Especially if you want to keep the gram game strong in lockdown!

5. Add a rug. Any form of upholstery provides a homely touch to any floor; especially if it’s wooden! They are a good solution to keep your feet that extra bit warmer in the upcoming winter months, whilst also being the perfect aesthetic addition.

Your room should be your own space and in some ways represent you

6. Add a throw/pillow to your bed. With this simple step, a room can go from a 5/10 to a solid 10/10 no problem. A pillow to lean on or snuggle when you’re watching Louis Theroux will definitely make your evening more satisfactory. But, if you also love your cuddlies, head down to your local Ikea (when it opens!) and grab yourself one for £12…or two, if you’re like me and can’t choose one!

7. Consider a decorative touch. You may have a dressing table or chest of drawers with an empty surface which could do with being filled. A vase for flowers or a box for keepsakes could be a good way of doing this, and also add that much-needed personal touch. Your room should be your own space and in some ways represent you, and this step can really help you achieve that. Charity shops are also fab options for finding some hidden gems, especially those with a vintage edge!

8. Finally, if all of the above doesn’t quite suit your fancy, or if you’d rather spend your money on other lockdown treats, you could also consider something as simple as rearranging some furniture. If you’re bored of a layout, or just fancy a bit of change to break up the assignments, have a play about and see what you can do. And, if you require that additional bit of inspo, browse some A* worthy bedrooms on ‘Pinterest’ and add them to a mood board, even if just for future reflection!

I hope these steps give you some ideas on ways to boost your space this November, or even act as a way to get a bit creative! With everything that’s going on, your surroundings can provide you with that extra bit of comfort and tranquillity, and you never know, an oil diffuser or decorative rug could turn out to be your new best friend?

Jennie Sarama 

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