2020 Style Icons

Lucy Tombs

Despite a lot of this year being based in our homes wearing sweatpants and pajamas, the amount of style trends that have emerged in 2020 is huge! Whilst celebrities may have not been going on red carpets as much or hitting up fashion shows, they’ve provided us with amazing street style and have created iconic looks. So, to round up 2020 and send it on its way, here are some of the top 2020 style icons. 

Harry Styles 

It’s obvious that Harry Styles would be at the top of this list! He has absolutely killed the fashion game this year; from his December Vogue cover wearing the Gucci dress to the Watermelon Sugar video in which he was styled in Hawaiian printed shirts and retro sunnies. Harry gave us the summer energy we needed this year. His gender-neutral outfits have been bold and brave and have inspired many who want to explore different looks to give it a go! For me, Harry Styles has been the most iconic style icon of 2020.

She has definitely had her moments this year and will definitely continue to be a true fashion icon in 2021 (and for many years to come …).

Bella Hadid 

As cliché as it is to fill the list with top models, it would be hard to deny a spot to Bella Hadid herself. Bella’s style is known for distressed denim and anything sheer or bodycon. Bella has really pushed the sheer style movement into the mainstream this year and her August MTV VMA’s look killed us all! Her crop top game is also fire, with lots of her street style being based around jeans with cute crops. Bella’s style typically features expensive designer pieces, but these can usually be duped by cheaper alternatives and makes her style achievable for us non-models too.


Some may say that Zendaya’s best style looks were in 2019, but I think she has been an icon in 2020 too. But we cannot forget the hot pink Tom Ford breastplate from the Critics’ Choice Awards, the iconic polka dot dress she wore for the unforgettable Emmy win, and the white sheer drapery dress she wore with Bvlgari jewels. She has definitely had her moments this year and will definitely continue to be a true fashion icon in 2021 (and for many years to come …).

Hailey Bieber 

Hailey Bieber and her husband Justin Bieber have both been trendsetters this quarantine period, sporting the comfy clothes we have all grown to love (not that we have had much choice!). Hailey is the queen of street style, radiating Princess Diana energy as she brought back the iconic bicycle short with an oversized jumper look. In fact, Hailey Bieber has ruled the oversized trend for a while now. From blazers to leather jackets, this girl’s outerwear game is 10/10. 

Donald Glover

Donald Glover’s style is a mix of 70s silhouettes and colours with designer high-fashion items from brands such as Gucci. Chain necklaces are a massive part of Glover’s style and he has definitely moved others to layer up their jewellery too. He can often be seen sporting a pair of loafers and colourful trousers and is always carpet ready.

Continuing the trend of the 90s coming back, Jennifer Anniston has been a huge style inspiration for many people this year, myself included!

Brad Pitt

After his iconic look at the 2020 Golden Globes, Brad Pitt has stepped up his fashion game this year! With 90s style continuing to be big in 2020, it seems inevitable that Pitt would be brought back into the limelight. The small sunglasses, leather jackets and the hair that no one can forget defined Pitt’s looks in the 90s. Although it’s not exactly new, these photos have been re-circling this year. Many have looked to Pitt when creating their looks and that is why he is in this icon list.

Jennifer Anniston 

Continuing the trend of the 90s comeback, Jennifer Anniston has been a huge style inspiration for many people this year, myself included! Whether that be her red carpet looks, street style or outfits worn by Rachel Green, her style is the definition of iconic and has aged incredibly well. After her joining Instagram in late 2019 her following blew up and we were all reminded of what a true style icon she is. Plus, her hair is totally an icon in itself and 90s hair has definitely been coming back into style this year.  

ASAP rocky 

ASAP isn’t a new one to the icon list as he had amazing years for fashion in 2018 and 2019 too, but this year he really brought it with some of his looks! The great thing about ASAP Rocky’s style is that it is hard to pin down and is so unpredictable! He manages to balance out the clean-cut look with it still being relaxed and unconventional. Think oversized coats, colourful coordinated suits and shirts, and man bags. Throw in a high neck top and you’re there!

A Tik Tok star had to be included on this list seeing as the app has blown up immensly this year

Lily Collins 

After this year’s iconic release of Emily in Paris which inspired lots of people’s Parisian outfits (despite not being able to go to Paris ourselves), attention was turned on Lily for her chic style. From the classic beret to high fashion frills, this show gave us the escape we all needed this year and for that reason, I had to put Lily Collins on this list! Honourable mention to her famous brows too!

Addison Rae 

A Tik Tok star had to be included on this list seeing as the app has blown up immensly this year. Addison Rae is one of the top influencers on Tik Tok and many look to her for style advice and looks. Addison often goes for an athleisure-based outfit which has been a huge trend in 2020. Oversized hoodies and sweatpants have been a staple this year and Addison has led the charge on sporting these comfy staples. 


Talented and popular K-pop star has been coined as best-dressed multiple times in GQ and other fashion outlets. His contemporary Korean style is defined by oversized fits, retro splashes, and designer bags. This guy definitely has an expensive taste as his outfits typically have designer items at their centre but he has still inspired many with his looks over the past year. 

Stella McCartney

McCartney is another figure who is not new to the label of ‘fashion icon’, however, her attention to ecological and vegan fashion had to give her a place on this list. She has played a huge role in the movement towards a sustainable style and has recently announced that her brand is going to start selling vegan fungi made leather in 2021. I would advise anyone who is interested in environmentally friendly fashion to look further into McCartney as the future of fashion is sustainable. 

There were many more fashion icons who could have been on this list so I thought a great way to finish off this list would be to give some honourable mentions:

  • Billie Eilish 
  • Ariana Grande
  • Lil Nas X 
  • The Weeknd 
  • Elsa Hosk
  • Billy Porter 
  • Meghan Markle

So, the big question is: will they continue their reign during 2021?

Lucy Tombs

Featured image courtesy of Tamara Bellis via Unsplash. Image license here. No changes made to this image. 

In-article images courtesy of   @zendaya, @jenniferaniston and @lilycollins via Instagram. No changes made to these images. 

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