Prospect100: Inspiring The Next Generation

Abbie Turner

If you’re aged 25 or under and an aspiring innovator/ designer/ musician look no further than Prospect 100 for amazing opportunities. Harry Beard, co-founder and one third of the Prospect 100 team, comments:

“Prospect 100 is a youth movement who look to empower the next generation of talent through competitions. Our competitions focus on a variety of fields from music through to design and technology. Prospect 100 boasts active supporters including Apple co- founder Steve Wozniak and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones”.

So far Prospect 100 have held three online competitions in music, design, technology and engineering with their first event, the P100 Global Music Competition, attracting over 1000 applicants from 41 different countries.

So you may ask, how does it work?

  • Applicants submit their songs/ designs/ ideas to the P100 website where they are judged by a panel of leading industry officials.
  • The top 20 semi-finalists are then posted onto the P100 Instagram account where followers are encouraged to vote for their favourites.
  •  One like = one vote! Simple!

The top 5 finalists (the ones with the most instagram likes) receive mentoring and support from real leaders in the industry to help elevate their passions and fulfil their true potential!

Ryan will now receive 6 months of mentoring from Jeff Staple

For example; the winner of the Music competition will receive a 6 months mentoring programme from Guy Holmes who has managed the likes of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Ryan Roddy was crowned as the winner of the P100 Global Design Competition for the innovative design pictured below, which captured the attention of a number of the judges who expressed that they could see this sneaker entering the market. Ryan will now receive 6 months of mentoring from Jeff Staple – founder of Staple Design who have collaborated with Nike, New Balance, Microsoft and Sony to name a few.

These competitions strive to connect the next generation with current industry titans and offer really great opportunities for young people wanting to turn their hobbies and passions into potential careers.

When asked about upcoming events and what to look out for, Beard comments:

“A photography competition is potentially on the cards, we then plan to work back through the cycle making each competition bigger and better than before. Most import- antly we aim to continue linking our competitions to prestigious internships at amazing organisations”.

So if you’re an aspiring creator, you don’t want to miss out on the amazing opportunities that Prospect 100 is offering! Make sure to follow their instagram @prospectonehundred for announcements of upcoming competitions!

Prospect100 look forward to seeing any entries and hopefully winners from Nottingham!

Abbie Turner 

Featured image and in-article images courtesy of Prospect100 via www.propsect100.com.  No changes were made to these images and permission for Impact to use was granted by source. 

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