Meet the Candidates 2021: Elizabeth Maltseva for Community Officer

Jasmin Lemarie

Elizabeth Maltseva is running in the 2021 SU elections for the role of Community Officer. Impact’s Jasmin Lemarie caught up with them to ask a few questions.

What do you think makes you a good fit for this role?

I have experience of working with the Student’s Union as a course rep and I really care about representing Nottingham students among our community. I have a lot of ideas to benefit each student, and I believe it is essential for us to get along with Nottingham residents.

My passion for positive change and ensuring each voice is heard is what makes me a good fit for the Community Officer role.

Why did you run for the role of Community Officer?

I ran for the role of Community Officer because I wanted the opportunity to implement my ideas about better engagement with community, better help dealing with dodgy landlords, and lowering student bus fares. Taking on this role would allow me to bring my ideas to life.

I simply have a strong passion for making an impact and for improving people’s lives

It will also benefit me personally as I am hoping to get into the public sector, so the experience of working with Nottingham Council and Nottingham Police would be extremely beneficial.

Overall, I simply have a strong passion for making an impact and for improving people’s lives.

What do you think is the biggest issue that students currently face?

One of the biggest issues highlighted this year was the negative relationships with landlords and private letting agencies. Students are taken advantage of and not treated properly by landlords who think they can get away with it.

My manifesto provides some ideas about how I will tackle this issue, and I believe this is something that the Community Officer must work on next year, whoever it may be!

If you get elected, how will you listen to student’s views, and then communicate those views to the relevant external bodies (e.g. Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire Police, etc.)

As a community officer, I aim to be accessible seven days a week via email/social media for general student enquiries and concerns. However, the most formal way would be through course reps / faculty reps who will then relay any issues directly to me. As well as this, Town Halls are a great way to gather students’ views and listen to concerns that they are having.

My role will depend upon the feedback I receive and what the student experience is actually like. I cannot do this if I am not representing everyone’s views fairly and equally.

I will always hold them accountable to their promises

I will then organise meetings with the relevant organisations such as Nottingham City Council, and communicate student concerns in order to come up with a solution. I will always hold them accountable to their promises and relay the information right back to students!

COVID permitting, Ocean or Rock City?

Rock City!!

Voting for the 2021 SU elections closes at 3pm Friday 19 March. You can read Elizabeth’s manifesto here. The link to vote for is here.

Jasmin Lemarie

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