Meet the Candidates 2021: Maxime Ryder for Liberation Officer

Aidan Hall

Maxime Ryder is running in the 2021 SU elections for the role of Liberation Officer. Impact’s Aidan caught up with Maxime to ask them a few questions.

What do you think makes you a good fit for this role?  

We have seen such horrible regression in libreration within and without out student community due to the pandemic

I’m passionate about the liberation of all students, in touch with issues both in the student communities and in the wider world, and I’m not afraid of taking a stand against the uni. Even if I don’t win this election, I’ll campaign for everything I promised (but being elected would make it easier). 

Why did you run for the role of Liberation Officer?  

Because this past year we have seen such horrible regression in liberation within and without our student community due to the pandemic and everything else happening in the world. The university has severely mistreated their students this year, I’ve heard so many horror stories in my roles this year, and with everything we’ve seen this year- who wouldn’t want to do something to make a change, even just within our small university community? 

Can you explain a little more about your idea for a Student Liberation Campaign Forum?  

This would be a space for all students to meet, collaborate and organize liberation campaigns – without a university presence and would focus on liberation and not representation/EDI. This would not just be for SU campaigns- I would love to involve student campaigns, like the Rent Strikers, or have students bring in wider community campaigns there involved in, like those involved with the RCG. Basically, the idea is: the more of us working together the more powerful we are. 

This year a Working Class Officer has been introduced at the SU. What are your thoughts on the arguments being made to introduce a Men’s Officer? 

I’m so excited about the Working Class Officer! As for the Men’s Officer, it is a complicated subject and whilst there are points to be made about mental health and the inclusion of men are part of other minority groups (e.g., Black men) but I don’t feel they need representation as ‘men’ and that there is space for them in the groups that already exist. I think there is a space for maybe a ‘men’s mental health group’ or a ‘men for social change group.’  

COVID permitting, Ocean or Rock City? 

I can’t actually attend either due my epilepsy and the fact neither are practically wheelchair accessible. However, I asked my partner and they like Rock City for the concerts. 

Voting for the 2021 SU elections closes on Friday at 3pmYou can read Maxime’s manifesto hereThe link to vote for them is here. 

Aidan Hall

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