Meet the Candidates 2021: Vivek Agarwal for Welfare and Wellbeing Officer

Joe Hughes

Vivek Agarwal is running in the 2021 SU elections for the role of Welfare and Wellbeing Officer. Impact’s Joe Hughes caught up with Vivek to ask him a few questions. 

What do you think makes you a good fit for this role?  

I have worked as Senior Resident Tutor of Raleigh Park for two years. While working for my role, I closely understood the gravity and importance of welfare and wellbeing facilities for students.

I will make sure welfare services are promoted in the most accessible way possible

Why did you run for the role of Welfare and Wellbeing Officer?  

The mental and physical well-being of my fellow students is extremely important to me. I have worked closely with the Students’ Union as Environment and Social Justice Officer for Raleigh Park. As your Welfare and Wellbeing Officer, I will make sure that the welfare facilities from both SU and University perspective are promoted in the most accessible way possible, with improvements made throughout the year.

What do you think is the biggest mental health issue facing students at the moment, and how would you aim to address it? 

Students are stuck in their rooms during lock down. This is affecting their mental health. A motivating counselling session can be very helpful. I will strive towards making the university mental health and counselling services more accessible and shorten waiting times. (Currently there is an average of a few weeks wait for an appointment).

I will work to establish a 24 hours hotline to listen to student issues

What is the biggest weakness in the University’s current Welfare support?  

The University is lacking a 24 hours hotline students can contact for help and discussing welfare and wellbeing issues. I will work with services like Nottingham Nightline to establish a 24 hours hotline for listening to the issues of university students.

COVID permitting, Ocean or Rock City? 

Rock City.

Voting for the 2021 SU elections closes on Friday at 3pmYou can read Vivek’s manifesto hereThe link to vote for is here. 

Joe Hughes

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