What To Do On Your 365th Night In…

Zoya Gulshin

Third times the charm…or so they said. We’re three lockdowns in and it feels like we’ve exhausted all the fun things to try out. I mean how many times have you heard the words ‘pub quiz’, ‘indoor bar crawl’, ‘Among Us’ or the dreaded ‘monopoly board game’? One too many times I’m guessing. But fear not, I’ve been doing some research and have come up with a list of somewhat-unique fun night in ideas you can do with your housemates.

Come Dine with Me

Following the main premise of the show itself, each member of your household should take one evening where they are responsible for your three-course meal as well as entertainment. The host can pick a cuisine or a theme they intend to stick by, and their food should follow this. Entertainment can be pretty much anything from playing Cards Against Humanity to the host forcing you to watch their favourite movie for the thousandth time. If you live with five or more people, it’s basically an excuse for a week of free dinners!

Book Club

What better time to read books than in lockdown? We’re all sick of staring at our screens for hours every day and now we have no excuse to not pick up that stack of books we’ve been meaning to read since our GCSEs. If everyone in your household nominates their favourite book, you can gather around one night a week to discuss your thoughts about it. If there’s a film or TV adaptation, you can watch those too on the following nights!

Self-care is never a bad idea

Spa Session

Nothing feels as good as freshly painted nails, a face mask on and cold cucumbers on your eyes. Gather all the nail polishes and face masks you bought on all those impulse online shopping sprees, play some chill tunes and just let yourself relax. Self-care is never a bad idea.

Games Night

Need I elaborate? The possibilities are endless! Get together with your housemates and get ready for a very competitive night. Uno, Jenga, Cluedo, Bullshit, Go Fish, Cambio, 21, Dobble, Ludo, Two Truths and A Lie, Psych, Dominos, Pictionary, Guess Who…I could go on and on and on!

Whoever said the world wasn’t at your dining table was clearly lying

One Dish Party

Another one for the food lovers out there. If everyone in your household makes one different food dish, you’ll end up with a small buffet. Bonus points if you each make a dish you’ve never made before or something from a different part of the world. Whoever said the world wasn’t at your dining table was clearly lying.

Easter Egg Hunt

The perfect one to end on. Who doesn’t love some chocolate? Nominate someone in your house to hide tiny easter eggs all over. Assign different points to different eggs and whoever collects the most points gets to win a bigger easter egg! Some clever places to hide the eggs are inside mugs, in your cooking pots and pans, inside the washing machine (make sure this gets found!) and in a plant pot!

Zoya Gulshin

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