Crocs Comeback: which Childhood Staples do You Think Will be Making a Return Next?

Kiah Tooke

 Making an unlikely comeback last year, Crocs have again become a fashion controversy as popularity skyrocketed over lockdown and the second half of 2020. Last month, the US brand reported sales having risen by 64% in the first quarter of 2021 when compared with just last year.

Interestingly, Crocs have even been brought to the red carpet now, with the Oscars’ musical director Questlove wearing a pair that had been spray-painted gold for the occasion. The customisability of crocs has also been one of their selling points, with the Crocs Jibbitz™ now coming in a range of different styles. Although Crocs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, their comfort is indisputable which fits in perfectly with the emphasis on comfort over fashion that 2020 saw.

Following the unexpected return of Crocs – here are a few childhood staples that could make a return next:

Jelly sandals – Supported by a design from model and fashion designer Alexa Chung last spring, jelly sandal inspired shoes have appeared in many different high end fashion retailers. Coming in an array of bright colours, jelly sandals were known for their flexible style and glittery summer feel. Originally a childhood staple for the summer months, jelly shoes could be brought back to cater for a wider adult audience now. The creators of the original British jelly shoe, JUJU Jellies, have promised recyclable jelly shoes which is encouraging in terms of eco-friendliness for the footwear.

Fluorescent colours – Although neutral and beige tones have been more popular recently, fluorescent and neon clothing or accessories could be a fun childhood trend that makes a return for summer. Whilst fluorescent colours may be harder to incorporate into everyday outfits, lockdown is expected to ease over summer which could encourage bolder fashion statements. Fashion influencers, such as Leonie Hanne, have been seen incorporating brighter hues into their wardrobe this season.

Childhood cartoon inspired clothing – Popular childhood cartoon icons have increasingly been incorporated into clothing, creating intense feelings of nostalgia for these characters. Collaborating with established fashion brands, childhood icons such as Groovy Chick and Hello Kitty have appeared on clothes online at Asos, reviving past memories for many. This trend of using old popular cartoons could inspire more companies to work alongside fashion brands to bring their creations back to life.

Dresses over jeans – As unlikely as the return of Crocs seemed to be, the combination of wearing both a dress and jeans could be a potential childhood style that returns. The thought of pairing a dress and jeans together personally conjures up thoughts of 2000’s Disney Channel stars’ old outfits. However, a few high end fashion designers have used the hybrid style recently, such as in Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter collection for 2021. Nevertheless, this unique combination has mostly been reserved for fashion catwalks so far, rather than everyday wear.

Kiah Tooke

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