The Nottingham Games: Men’s Futsal Preview

Ewan James

As part of the Nottingham Games, which is set to take place this Sunday, the 13th June, UoN Men’s Futsal will be taking on NTU Men’s Futsal at David Ross Sports Village. 

In a year with no BUCS competitions and little sports at University in general, these Nottingham games are a highly anticipated event. 

Unfortunately, unlike the annual Varsity games which are normally fuelled by electric atmospheres, no fans will be allowed to watch these events. Some events however, including the Futsal game, will be live-streamed on Facebook. 

Historically, Futsal games between UoN and NTU have been extremely competitive and tense. The most obvious example of this being the 2019 Varsity match where UoN came from 4-1 down at half-time, to win 6-4. 

“It will also be our last chance to play with some of the players in their final year, so as you can see this is a very important game”

In an interview with UoN player Jordan Dennis, the excitement and anticipation for Sunday’s game was evident:

Dennis said, “This is obviously a very exciting opportunity as we haven’t been able to play all year. For me especially, being a second year, I missed out on the opportunity to play in Varsity last year so this is going to be a great game to play in. It will also be our last chance to play with some of the players in their final year, so as you can see this is a very important game”. 

The Futsal team has been a big part of sport at UoN for a number of years now. It has five teams competing in BUCS championships and also a sixth team which competes in the University’s IMS Futsal league. 

As well as competing in the BUCS championships, UoN Futsal also competes in the National Futsal Series which is England’s leading Futsal competition. Next year, UoN Futsal will continue to compete in both the BUCS competitions and the National Futsal Series, with high aspirations to be very competitive in both.

This year has seen a change of coaching staff at the club and so hopefully this Sunday’s game will be an insight into what the new and exciting team can deliver next year.   

You can catch the game on live stream as it kicks off at 1.30pm on Sunday.


Ewan James

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