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“Packed With Nostalgic And Reflective Lyrics” – EP Review: Suns Up – ‘Whatever Happened, It’s Alright Now’

Gemma Cockrell

Since they started releasing music in 2019, Sussex based indie outfit Suns Up have been tipped by the likes of Clash, Earmilk, Atwood Magazine and more – and that was before they had even released their debut EP. It arrives now, in summer 2021, in the form of ‘Whatever Happened, It’s Alright Now’. Gemma Cockrell shares her thoughts on the project.

The inspiration behind the EP came in 2020, when the band’s frontman David Kelly returned to his hometown of Chichester, following a stint in London. Being reunited and reacquainted with his childhood home brought back a flood of memories, re-inspiring him musically as he reflected upon his early Sussex life.

These are the words that they now live by in the present day

It is therefore no surprise that the EP is packed with nostalgic and reflective lyrics. The EP title is something that Kelly, alongside guitarist Sam Salkeld and Matt Wagstaff, would tell their younger selves if they had the chance to travel back in time. These are the words that they now live by in the present day.

The title track of the EP embodies this phrase, as it looks back on a former relationship. In retrospect, Kelly now realises that it’s perfectly natural and normal for a relationship to require work from both parties for it to flourish, despite this being something he was previously unaware of. He looks back to the past, realising that things turned out alright in the end.

The opening track of the EP Come On Come One blends shoegaze and dream-pop influences, creating a mesmerising track with shimmering, distorted vocals and sun-soaked guitars. This is similar to fellow indie band JAWS, which is an unsurprising comparison once you discover that the EP was co-produced by Gethin Pearson, who has worked with JAWS in the past.

reflecting on the careless nature of youth and “boys who are too young to say ‘I love you’”

Elsewhere on the EP, the chorus of the second track Typical directly references Kelly’s return to his hometown (“I’m going back”) whilst reflecting on the careless nature of youth and “boys who are too young to say ‘I love you’”. The track has a soothing yet anthemic chorus, capturing the feelings of nostalgia perfectly. It was released prior to the full EP, back in July.

(You’re) All I Want was also released in advance of ‘Whatever Happened, It’s Alright Now’ back in May. The track is reminiscent of simplistic youthful days: “Remember when / We used to lie / Both wide awake, together and wasting time”. It closes the EP with a moment of teenage innocence, crafting a perfect summary for the project as a whole: it is an appreciation of youth, the fond memories that it provides, and the life lessons that it teaches you.

four stars

Gemma Cockrell 

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