The Best Sober Nights Out In Nottingham

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Hannah Penny

With a third of students no longer drinking, dry nights out are an increasingly popular option in Nottingham. Whether you’re craving a day without a hangover, have never drunk before, or are doing your best to avoid alcohol, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun-filled night.

Here are some great options for whether it’s just you not drinking, or your whole group!

Café Sobar

Café Sobar is a social enterprise that is doing great things for the Nottingham community. This completely alcohol-free establishment gives all their profits to Double Impact, the local drug and alcohol recovery charity.

It offers community without temptation and with their extremely reasonably priced mocktails, live music and comedy, exhibitions, and other events, you won’t ever feel like you are missing out.

The Lost City Adventure Golf

Unlike bars and clubs, if you are after an occasion not centred around drinking why not try out The Lost City Adventure Golf? It offers a great atmosphere with highly decorated courses so you will feel immersed in the Rainforest world.

There are plenty of mocktails and soft drinks to fuel your adventure and student tickets to help get you in at a better price!

Escapologic Escape Rooms

Who said that dry nights out had to be boring? If you are seeking a thrill, then try out an escape room. A night spent escaping from “abandoned labs” and “cursed crypts” is sure to be a night to remember, instead of it being forgotten by the morning.

This would be a great option that a group of mates would not want to turn down!

The Savoy Cinema

If you’re after a more chilled night, why not head down to the Savoy Cinema. Ideally placed in Lenton and offering super cheap tickets for students, it could be a perfect alternative to a film-night in your living room.

The traditional movie theatre will let you be transported to a whole new world! And no-one says you can’t go alone if you’re in the mood.

What’s On Nottingham

Keep your eye out for local events. The city is always putting on a range of fabulous events. Whether it’s out-door theatres and cinemas in summer or incredible Christmas light displays in winter, these events let you experience the arts and culture of this brilliant city.

Don’t forget that you can always join your friends in the clubs and bars whilst drinking coke or lemonade

Don’t think that being a university student means that you must drink up to your eyeballs every night, you are not having any less of an experience by staying away from the drink. Don’t forget that you can always join your friends in the clubs and bars whilst drinking coke or lemonade. And, of course, a quiet night in with good company and great food will always be a recipe for success.

Hannah Penny

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