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Ecosia Is Coming To The University Of Nottingham

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Daria Paterek

As students, we often feel helpless in the current climate emergency. We rarely have the time or the means to always shop sustainably, or possess the resources needed to effectively spread awareness about environmental issues. However, there is a way to help save the planet that is free, accessible, and available from the comfort of our homes. This is where Ecosia comes in, as Daria explains. 

Ecosia has built a reputation for itself as the search engine which plants trees. Ecosia strategically plants trees where they will bring value to both people and nature. With projects in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, Ecosia is not only helping to reduce global levels of carbon, but it’s also helping to improve crop yieldswater security and providing good jobs for women. Ecosia is also completely transparent, providing monthly financial reports to inform users about how it is spending its revenue.

not only to save the planet but to protect our ecosystem and empower women

Most notably: 

  • Ecosia uses 80% of its profits to plant trees.
  • Ecosia has planted over 85 million trees across 31 sites.
  • Ecosia is free and now available as a default search engine on iOS

The great and impactful work that Ecosia does, not only to save the planet but to protect our ecosystem and empower women, has led to the launch of the Nottingham on Ecosia campaign which I am leading. I want the University of Nottingham to play its part in reforesting the planet by planting thousands of trees each year through adopting Ecosia as its search engine.

modern technology has allowed us to play our part in saving the planet

There are currently over 150 Ecosia on Campus campaigns globally, with 7 universities already having made the switch to Ecosia. I want The University of Nottingham to show that it considers its environmental impact and is willing to do something about it. The University of Nottingham prides itself on being a green university. To demonstrate its commitment to caring about the environment, The University of Nottingham should make Ecosia the search engine on all computers on campus. Most recently, The University of Edinburgh made the switch.

I have decided to start this campaign because as a student myself, I often feel helpless when it comes to the climate crisis. Yet modern technology has allowed us to play our part in saving the planet. After finding out about the numerous Ecosia student campaigns, I decided to start one myself! If we all take small steps in saving the planet then we can make a real difference. Once Ecosia is made the default browser, we can plant thousands of trees every year.

Show your support by liking the campaign’s Instagram Page:

And Facebook Page: 

Download Ecosia at to add to The University of Nottingham’s tree counter.

Find out more about Ecosia here: .

What are you waiting for? Get searching and start saving the planet from the comfort of your home!

Daria Parerek

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