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Fuel Crisis – Panic Buying Surges In Beeston

Long queues for petrol at Sainsbury's in Beeston.
Lauren McGaun

Large queues have formed across petrol stations in Beeston and Nottingham, as panic buying has surged, following fears of a fuel shortage. Lauren explains the details of the situation.

While the government insists that there is no shortage, they recognise there is a shortfall in HGV drivers, causing a small minority of petrol stations to run out of stock, waiting on future deliveries.  

The UK is currently short of around 100,000 HGV drivers, with the pandemic and Brexit having a knock on effect on recruitment, despite wage increases. 

Large queues were seen at the Tesco and Sainsbury’s petrol station in Beeston, with reports that both had run out of diesel fuel yesterday. 

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, reassured viewers on BBC Breakfast yesterday that there is “plenty of petrol” available.

“The fuel is there, it can continue to flow,” Shapps said

many have labelled the panic buying as selfish

BP, one of the UK’s leading fuel operators, said that up to 100 stations were short of at least one type of fuel, with some locations forced to close entirely. This is, however, a small proportion of BP’s 1,200 stores. 

Many have labelled the panic buying as selfish, with the long queues in some cases blocking emergency services from refuelling or reaching patients. 

Others have pointed to the public’s distrust in government messaging, with many worried about low supplies despite the PM’s reassurances. 

The government is now looking at emergency measures to increase deliveries, with the introduction of a temporary immigration wavier to allow more drivers in, one possibility. This would however be a contentious move for the government, with inevitable backlash from Eurosceptic backbenchers. 

Lauren McGaun

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