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XR Cause Further Disruption At Incinerator

Lauren McGaun

On Saturday morning, climate activists from Extinction Rebellion (XR) returned to the Eastcroft Incinerator, blocking the road entrance and calling attention to the environmental impacts of the waste incinerators. Lauren gives an insight into the protest. 

The blockade saw activists with banners, flags, an “Inferno Disco” and a performance, all with the aim of getting the council to reassess their plans for a further incinerator.

The Extinction Rebellion group previously protested at the Eastcroft site back in August. 

Nottingham City Council aims to expand the Eastcroft Incinerator and the County Council has approved a new incinerator to be built at Radcliffe-on-Soar, at an estimated cost of £330 million.

Campaigner Kirsty L, an Economics student from Rushcliffe said, “My generation face terrible effects of climate change over the next few decades because of climate-wrecking decisions like these.”

the protest is part of a series of protests across the country

City Council Deputy leader Sally Longford previously referred to incineration as a clean, green energy option, which is better than landfill.

A report from ClientEarth instead found that good landfill is significantly better for the climate than incineration.

Local Councillor Penny Gowland, who is against the plans, said: “Incineration is hardly better than landfill. Rather than hiding the rubbish underground we are hiding it in the atmosphere.”

The protest is part of a series of protests across the country to highlight what activists see as the “greenwashing” of incineration.

Lauren McGaun

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