Nintendo Direct 23.9.21: How All Directs Should Be Done?

James Warrell

Three months after the E3 Direct comes one of the best directs in recent memory, full of shock announcements and big reveals. James talks us through the direct and asks: ‘Has Nintendo finally learnt how to do announcements?’

New Switch Online Expansion pack 

Still does not feel worth the £17.99 a year price tag.

One of the key announcements of this direct was that N64 and Sega mega drive games can be played on the Nintendo Switch. The notable inclusions are Mario 64, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Sonic 2. It has to be stipulated that it will be at the expense of a more expensive membership.

Although this is a welcome addition to the Switch Online package and includes a great initial line-up of games that I am dying to play, I cannot help but feel this should be in the standard switch online package, which four years on still does not feel worth the £17.99 a year price tag.

Updates/DLC’s for games 

There were very few updates and DLCs for games, but the main two that were announced both have more to be unveiled in their own events. There are clear signs that Brewster is going to be the next main addition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There is more to be uncovered about this in the Animal Crossing direct in October. 

The other main announcement was that the last Smash Presents is coming on the 5th of October. There was also the reveal for the Monster Hunter Rise expansion pack, Sunbreak. 

Both the two new courses, the snow and desert-themed, look beautiful.

Last and certainly not least, Mario Golf is getting a major update with two new courses and two new characters. Both Koppa Trooper and Ninji look like fascinating and unique additions with tailored abilities. Both the two new courses, the snow and desert-themed, look beautiful. One can only imagine what they can do with the vast array of unique enemy types for those areas in Mario games to use as obstacles. 

Indie/Retro Games

Let’s start by saying that Nintendo has the most expansive and impressive selection of indie games available across all consoles. I advise you to look into the announcements yourself since there are too many to list here. Nintendo is dominating other consoles in respect to its classic games line-up, once again adding more timeless classics and revamped retros to its repertoire. 

The pick of the bunch for me would have been Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It is an incredible game, and its story stands the test of time. 

1st Party Games 

Out of all the first-party games, I will start with The Triangle Strategy, which is a strategy-based RPG. If you like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the branching choice-based nature of the story and the turn-based style of play, this game will be for you. If not, I would skip this game. 

Now let’s move on to one of the three big reveals of this direct: Bayonetta 3. I will start this off with that I have never played Bayonetta, so I will try to do this excellent series justice. The fast-paced combat once again makes this series a standalone for the style of play, while the ruined city aesthetic looks beautiful and compliments the overall vibe of the game.

This game is a visually stunning open-world set in an overgrown cityscape

Now onto my favourite announcement: Kirby and The Forgotten Land. The new Kirby game looks like the freshen up the game has needed for a long time, with the previous games all seeming to mix into the same game with slightly different twists. But, this game is a visually stunning open-world set in an overgrown cityscape, which already looks filled to the brim with secrets and lore. The powerups look able to interact with enemies in new ways. This game gives me major Mario Odyssey vibes, with the vibrant colour palette and new lease of life that could be given to Kirby. 

The Elephant in the room: THE MARIO MOVIE

Moving onto possibly the most shocking announcement of all, The Mario Movie (specifically the cast). Chris Pratt as Mario seems odd at first glance. Although he can be a great comedy actor, it still feels like a weird casting decision. This comes from the fact that his voice feels like an odd fit for the very distinct Mario voice, which is arguably the most important thing when playing Mario.

Charlie Days feels like a perfect choice to play Luigi with his awkward yet entertaining style. This style can be seen most clearly on Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where he plays the socially inept Charlie, who is very similar to a real-life Luigi.

Jack Black as Bowser at first seems an intriguing choice, but I feel his comedic style could suit a more comedic villain. Jack Black’s voice also has the necessary depth to still pull off a good Bowser.

Once again, I feel like Seth Rogen is a good pick for Donkey Kong, with his voice possessing the natural depth and range to play such a character. Rogen’s ability as a comedian will also serve him in good stead in this role.

I will say this about the Mario movie (before everyone hates on the cast): give it a try. The animators in Illumination feel like the perfect studio to pull off the unique Mario feel.


9/10 for this direct. Too much water.

All these games and announcements make this direct a model on how directs should be done. The numerous shocks and random announcements kept it interesting throughout. 

The interception with smaller games, indies and retros made gave the direct a very balanced feel with not too many big announcements. DLC’s and online content was succinct and to the point and gave this direct a flow not many directs had.

Overall, I give a 9/10 for this direct. Too much water.

James Warrell

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