COVID-19 Vaccinations And Weekly Tests Planned For Students During The Upcoming Academic Year

Arabella Mitchell

The University of Nottingham have continued to take an active role in minimising the transmission of Covid-19 by providing weekly testing facilities and encouraging students to have both their Covid-19 vaccinations.

The University have successfully created a nationally recognised campaign that encourages students to be fully vaccinated. This campaign can be seen on all campuses as well as on social media in order to inform students of the services the University provides. The effort to get students vaccinated was also a pivotal factor in welcoming freshers in order to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

The success of this is highlighted as 82 percent of 18-21 year olds registered with Cripps Health service have had one vaccine whilst 50 percent have been fully vaccinated. 

In addition to the vaccination campaign, the University have significantly encouraged weekly testing for students in order to monitor the spread of Covid-19. The testing service was launched last September and has currently been recommended for government accreditation. This would mean that those with positive results would be able to isolate straight away and not have to wait for a PCR test.

The University have asked all students to be tested weekly in order to monitor the spread of the virus. Testing has been made accessible through bookable slots. The testing centres are situated on all campuses and there is even one at Thomas Helwys Church Hall in Lenton.

International students have also been recognised in line with government guidance as the University has provided financial support for those needing to quarantine. Henceforth providing the support needed for all students during these times.

Arabella Mitchell

Featured image courtesy of stepsinpairs via Flickr. 



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