What Is The Best Music To Listen To Whilst Studying?

Daria Paterek

We all know that classical music is great for learning – but is that the only genre suitable for studying? Studying while listening to music can have multiple benefits, including increased concentration, improved performance, and better focus. Daria explores the various types of music that can help with studying and how they can apply to different subjects.

Classical Music

integrate both sides of the brain and reduce learning times

Let’s start with the most obvious and most common type of study music – classical music. In particular, classical music might help STEM students with revision. The Mozart Effect is the theory that listening to Mozart can increase mental development and ability. By listening to classical music, you could increase your possibility of improving test scores, integrate both sides of the brain, and reduce learning times.

Nature Sounds

Studying in a loud/busy room can often be frustrating. Nature sounds, such as rain and rainforests, can serve as white noise, perfect for studying in a loud area. Not only do these sounds drown out noises and voices, but they can also help relax you in stressful situations.

Lyricless Songs

If you study humanities, which include heavy reading and writing, listening to songs with lyrics can often be distracting. Listening to instrumental songs without lyrics can help you focus more while allowing you to think creatively. 

Video Game Music

foster a sense of achievement and motivation

The music in video games was designed by developers to motivate players to succeed in a mission or challenge. While it plays in the background of a game and sets the mood, it never distracts a player from the main objectives. When played during studying, video game music can help foster a sense of achievement and motivation. When you feel like studying is destroying all of your energy, try playing a video game soundtrack and see how you get on. 

Electronic Music

A massive change from the first genre on the list, electronic music has many surprising benefits for studying. Electronic music causes happy feelings, which as a consequence can make you more efficient and productive. When doing boring tasks, such as seminar prep or assignments, try listening to electronic music to cheer you up!


Daria Paterek

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