UoN Student Shortlisted For Student Social Mobility Award

India Rose Marriott

UoN medicine student, David Bull, has been shortlisted for upReach’s Student Social Mobility Awards. 

The Student Social Mobility Awards are organised by upReach, an organisation that aims to help ‘disadvantaged students from across the UK realise their potential’ through investing in ‘highly personalised programmes of support’. The awards recognise the success and potential of students throughout the UK, showcasing their incredible talent and determination. The winners of these awards serve as inspiring role models for those from similar backgrounds, having overcome significant socioeconomic barriers and mitigating circumstances.

This year, due to obvious health and safety restrictions, the award ceremony was live streamed online alongside the ceremony itself taking place at the House of Lords in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. The ceremony itself was hosted by Rasnawn Grant and Tarnyah Harnid, whilst the online hosts were Dan Davis and Freya Mumford. With video messages from individuals such as John Cravern, founder of upReach, Bernie Mensan, President of the International Bank of America, and current upReach associate, George Grammer-Taylor, the event continued to be as impressive as in previous years. 

A champion for care experienced students, amplifying their voice at all levels

University of Nottingham student, David Bull, was shortlisted in the Champion of Social Mobility category, for being ‘a champion for care experienced students, amplifying their voice at all levels’. David is studying medicine at Nottingham, and has worked with the University and Buckinghamshire Council alongside his own studies in order to ‘improve access and support for care leavers’.

It was a lovely evening celebrating such talented and hard-working individuals, and an honour to know a UoN student was among those considered for an award, especially after such a challenging year, and it was an honour to be able to attend the online ceremony and support a fellow student.

India Rose Marriott

Featured image courtesy of upReach 

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