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“An Artist Who’s Just Kicking Things Off” – LIVE Review: Jalle @Suede Bar

Nieve O’Donnell 

As one of Nottingham’s finest exports, Jalle was the one to watch at his homecoming show on Thursday 18th September. Celebrating his new EP ‘I’m Sorry’ with free pizza and a live set, Suede Bar in Nottingham’s creative quarter, Hockley, was full to the brim. Listing themes of heartbreak, friendship and decisive hindsight, Jalle’s witty, enthusiastic yet poignant songwriting made for a set that was revealing and emotive whilst lots of fun. It was clear that Jalle’s insightful storytelling means a lot to friends, family and fans alike.

Arriving with enough time to grab some free pizza from the pizza kitchen (highly recommend), Jalle kicked off with Pick Me Up, a song which he said was “almost an apology for not being ready to fall in love.” (Jalle Walks Clash Through His Debut EP | News | Clash Magazine ( Intertwining closely his life and work, each song felt like an understanding, mutual contract between Jalle and the crowd.  Hate Me and Blame Myself solidified Jalle’s presence on stage as he successfully warmed up the audience for the music yet to come. Next track, Shitfaced is full of hindsight; it’s about making mistakes whilst you’re young and reflecting on them later in life. Hey was co-written with Oscar Scheller over Zoom, influenced by lockdown’s ability to make you feel lonely, and in Jalle’s case, “messaging someone that you know you shouldn’t, doing it anyway and then regretting it later.” (Jalle Walks Clash Through His Debut EP | News | Clash Magazine (

Sincere and candid, Jalle was open-hearted with his audience, sharing stories and lots of sentimental insight. Someone I Could’ve Been Part Of is an ode to not having the chance to get to know someone. In a track-by-track breakdown with Clash Magazine, Jalle mentioned that it’s about his father, “someone I should’ve had a relationship with but because of time and circumstance, I couldn’t.” (Jalle Walks Clash Through His Debut EP | News | Clash Magazine ( Noting previous struggles, Jalle brought his mum onstage to share a bit of the spotlight and attempted to bring younger family member, Bowen on stage. Despite being tempted by the prospect of a car (if not two!) from Jalle, Bowen was perhaps a little too shy this time. Nevertheless, the crowd was massively warmed by both gestures.

Rounding off with Punk and stellar, defining track Lazy Bone, Jalle set his stall out as an artist who’s just kicking things off. His modesty and talent on and off stage are incredibly likeable, and anyone who hadn’t seen Jalle before Thursday would say the same. 

Nieve O’Donnell

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