Songs That Make You Feel Warm Inside

Daria Paterek

Music can make us feel many emotions – happiness, sadness, anger. But what about the songs that make us feel emotions we can’t exactly put into words? The songs that make you want to curl up in bed, put in your headphones, and escape the world. Songs that are relaxing, soulful, beautiful – songs that radiate warmth. Daria rounds up the five songs that make her feel warm inside.

Tamera – Flipside

I was first introduced to Tamera when Spotify recommended Flipside to me in an R&B Mix. I was instantly hooked.  Flipside is a beautiful song; from the vocals, to the instrumentals, to the lyrics, Tamera delivers a flawless performance. For an artist that is just starting in the music industry, I’m excited to see Tamera’s musical evolution.  Flipside also has the most relatable lyrics out of all of the songs on this list- ‘I wanna sleep all, sleep all day.’

Harry Styles – Golden

“Now we’re dancing on a fine line”, Mabel once said. This fine line is best demonstrated by Golden, arguably the best song on ‘Fine Line’. Golden has to be one of the most conflicting tracks I have ever listened to. One minute, I want to cry endlessly. The next, I am dancing around energetically in my room. That is the true beauty of Golden; it’s warm, emotional, and captivating. It is a song that is so comforting but always leaves me wanting more.

SZA – Good Days

Despite having an album-free 2021, SZA continued to demonstrate why she is one of the most popular female artists worldwide. The beginning of Good Days is serene and scenic – I can imagine the carefree summers that I used to experience as a child. To me, Good Days symbolises innocence, hope, and peace. It’s about accepting everything you have lost. Good Days is my comfort song – it brings me warmth regardless of what mood I’m in. Because regardless of what mood I’m in, this song reminds me that I “still wanna try, still believe in good days”.

5 Seconds Of Summer – Best Years

‘C.A.L.M.’ is 5 Second of Summer’s most mature album – and Best Years is one of their most emotionally mature tracks. The song is amazingly produced – Luke’s raw and powerful vocals shine through, while the instrumentals are perfectly arranged, demonstrating the band’s talent. It is a song that shows the insane growth that 5SOS have experienced. As a long-term fan of 5SOS, this song brings me indescribable warmth. Not only was I able to grow alongside one of my favourite bands, but I was also able to attach such strong memories and emotions to their songs. 5SOS’s drummer, Ashton explained that “I was hoping [Best Years] would be a big hit, so people could play it at their wedding”’. Yet the beauty of music is that a song does not have a universal meaning for everyone. For me, Best Years is about living your best years with the best people by your side.

Tinashe – Midnight Sun

Vocally and lyrically, Midnight Sun is one of Tinashe’s best songs. Whenever I play Midnight Sun, I feel like I am falling into a trance- the song is magical, eternal, mystic. Tinashe’s voice is angelic, and the track has a hauntingly beautiful vibe that is felt throughout the whole mixtape. Even after years of listening to this song, I can never get sick of it.

Daria Paterek

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