SU Elections 2022 Winners: Activities Officer – Joe Paternoster

Niamh Robinson

Joe Paternoster has been elected as your new Activities Officer for 2022/23. Joe was declared the winner after one round of voting with 536 votes. Impact caught up with Joe to ask him a few questions.

Q1: What are you most looking forward to in your role?

Most definitely working with all the student groups that I haven’t had the chance to collaborate with before in my very busy and chaotic university life. And uniting the campus – as this was my main manifesto point!

Everyone on Sutton Bonington is lovely

Q2: What was the highlight of your campaign?

Honestly, probably the trip to Sutton Bonington. Everyone on Sutton Bonington is lovely – the animals are great… I mean other than the fact I saw parts of horses I really didn’t need to see. But honestly, it was a great day out to SB, so that was probably the highlight of my campaign.

Q3: Did you face any challenges when campaigning? Now campaigning is back in person, did you find it difficult to manage this alongside online campaigning?

Thankfully, I had an absolutely massive team of about forty people who basically handled the whole online thing for me. This meant I could just deal with the in-person chatting, interviews, and stuff like that. So, the online element wasn’t really that much of an issue. In essence, what I’m saying for future candidates is get a big team together and you’ll be absolutely fine!

Obviously, it can be a bit jarring when you first start out on your campaign and people say, “I don’t want your leaflet” or “I don’t care”, but you get used to it as the week goes on. So, yes, there is that learning curve to overcome, but then you get to this point, and it just feels great.

 Q4: How will you be celebrating?

I am going to go to Ocean, drink a lot of alcohol and have a good time!

Q5: Reflecting on your whole campaign, what do you think really swung this win for you?

My eyebrows. We’ll leave it at that.

Q6: Congratulations again, is there anything you’d like to say to the people who voted for you? 

I love you and ‘Just Joe with it!’

Niamh Robinson

Featured image courtesy of Chiara Crompton. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to this image.

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