Interview: Krush Puppies On Their Debut EP ‘Love Kills The Demons’

Gemma Cockrell

24 hours after the release of their debut EP ‘Love Kills The Demons’, Impact’s Music Editor Gemma Cockrell caught up with Jenny Wells (vocals, guitar) and Alexa Daly (vocals, bass, flute) of Krush Puppies.

“We’re both in the car at the moment, and we’ve both got a really horrible flu,” Jenny admits. “We’re on the way to see Heather, our drummer, because we’re doing the decorations for her wedding!” However, this is not the only exciting thing happening for the band right now, since their debut EP ‘Love Kills The Demons’ was released on Friday. “It’s nice to finally have it out there. We’d already released three of the other songs, so we got quite a lot of feedback and reviews off the singles. It’s nice to have the final thing out with the last song, which ties it all together,” Jenny explains. “It feels like the pregnancy is over!” they laugh.

As they explained, three out of four of the tracks from the EP were released beforehand, starting with the title track Love Kills the Demons, before releasing subsequent singles Why and Throw Me On The Fire. Love Kills The Demons is a slightly different style to our other stuff, it has more layers. We were really pleased with how it came out. It was a nice introduction to the musicality of the EP,” Jenny comments on their decision to release the title track first. “It’s quite summery as well,” Alexa adds. “It’s a nice introduction to the subject matter of the EP,” Jenny concludes. 

The band summarise the EP as an “interpretation of transcendence”, before going on to explain how the project’s title came about. “I saw it graffitied on a wall that I used to walk past as a kid,” Alexa reveals, “There was a big opening in a forest, and I was really young, maybe 9 or 10 years old, and someone had spray painted ‘Love Kills The Demons’. I remembered it until recently, then I looked it up because sometimes when you have a memory from childhood, you start to think you might have made it up.” Jenny adds, “This collection of songs was all about that graffiti. It felt like the title had a lot of relevance to the themes in the other songs.”

The band evidently put a great amount of focus onto the artistic side of the project

The fact that the title of the EP links back to a visual memory is very fitting, since the band evidently put a great amount of focus onto the artistic side of the project, with the cover art for all of the singles, as well as the EP itself, being designed by the same artist. “I used to make bagels as my job… well I didn’t make them, I just filled them!” Alexa laughs, “The artist, Rose, worked there too. I’ve always thought she’s incredible, I have no idea how she isn’t famous.” Jenny nods in agreement, “When we saw her artwork, we were like ‘Oh my God, she’s amazing!’. We just let her listen to the songs and then she interpreted them in these amazing ways; her colour palettes fitted the atmosphere of the songs so well.”

The second single Why is the stand-out track for them

In terms of the pair’s favourite song from the EP, they are in complete agreement that the second single Why is the stand-out track for them. “In terms of which one resonates with me the most… Why was super emotional for me personally. I cried when we were recording it! Which I feel a bit embarrassed about,” Alexa admits, “it was very cathartic.” Jenny also cites Why as her favourite track, “for those reasons as well. There’s something about that song, the way it starts and ends, it feels very therapeutic. I love playing it live as well as hearing it recorded. I enjoyed the recording process, in a horrible sadistic way,” she laughs, “But I would say that one as well, because of how much I know it meant in that time.”

All four members of the band are animal-lovers, all owning pets of their own, so naturally I wanted to find out more about their animal companions. “I have a three-legged cat, from Battersea Cats Home. He hid from me for about three months, but now he protects the territory for all of the other cats in the neighbourhood. When you look out of my kitchen, someone has a garage flat roof next door, and you see him on top of it like it’s a boxing arena,” Jenny laughs, “And Alexa’s got… is he still a puppy?” she asks. “He still acts like one!” Alexa jokes, “He’s a bit of a sausage dog, bit of a pug, bit of a chihuahua. He’s got a very ugly underbite,” she giggles. “Jess has a massive dog, and Heather has a three-legged rabbit, so we have quite a troop of animals!”

Turning the conversation back to Krush Puppies’ other passion (music), the band have recently announced a headline show at London’s Moth Club for 15th June. “I’m well excited for that! I love that venue. As a headline band, we want to try and decorate the stage,” Jenny begins to explain. “We want to make it a bit livelier and more interesting,” Alexa adds, “I feel like it would be nice to create something.” Jenny agrees, “Yeah, add a bit of something. We just need to figure out what that is!” they laugh. “We’ll come up with something, we’ve got time. But it would be nice to add a bit of atmosphere to it, and make it a proper event.”

Krush Puppies debut EP ‘Love Kills The Demons’ is out now.

Gemma Cockrell

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